i wonder if he cleans up his sperm from the backseat of his cop car?

i don’t mess with cops too tough…

…but if i met one that looked like ^this Dominican stallion,
he could do me in the cop car,
on the cop car,
under the cop car,
and through the cop car.

all jokes aside (kinda) but cops are fascinating creatures.
some of them don’t know what to do with their power.
many of them love to cheat with hookers and even their partners.
like ( x these two cops who would have sex loud in their cop car ).
 a jackal in blue named francesco marlett from maryland has no chill.
he was caught boldly having relations with his side-hoe in his backseat…


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this is what franceso looks like:

even though i was half serious up there about backseat relations…

Franceso does realize hotel rooms do exist,

he could get a room,
park his cop car somewhere,
and do his business on a bed.
i heard the back of a cop car is uncomfortable.

 virginia pinto:

the back seat hoe in the videos,
wanted to let us know why she deserves that backseat action on facebook:

does she realize the amazing sex will stop once he marries her,
he only wants her because he is a fuck boi who isn’t happy at home.
she just happened to be the open hole he can relieve stress in.
sex with males in relationships is good cause he is fuckin’ you like a hoe.
once he leaves his main for you,
the excitement and spontaneity are pretty much over.
she has been messing with franceso for 2 years too.
this is from the wife:

why buy the cow when you can milk it in the backseat for free?

lowkey: his wife is pretty…

 she knows he cheats but isn’t going anywhere.
they never do so
franceso has it made.

article cc: daily mail

5 thoughts on “i wonder if he cleans up his sperm from the backseat of his cop car?

  1. Amazing…. Just no f*k to give huh lol!… it’s a very public space; and they are like…. ‘i don’t want to stop just b/c… ppl walk’n by watching us.’ Im all fo some public nookie but damn “Mr officer, mr office”

  2. I always say I’d never seriously entertain a cop, boxer or mma fighter. Cops have too much access to your info, and I have too much mouth to fvk around and get laid out by a fighter. Hell nah. I got hands, but those are different hands. That said…if that Dominican cop above or Miguel Cotto (retired boxer) paid me any attention, um…yall just put a lil sum on my gofundme after they lock me up or knock me upside the head.

  3. I find it amazing that a sista’s putting up with that bull! Especially his Casper ass messing around with another, even darker, sista. He loves chocolate. Something’s definitely going on with that foolishness.

  4. “I love everyone. Except you Virginia you can rot in hell bitch” oh so she can but not the man you married who if it weren’t with her it would be with any other woman (and prolly is) he cool but she not? Ok😂😂😂 straight women are such a trip to me when it come to this.

    Also being a white and bald Brolic cop and marrying a Black woman and then cheating on her with an even prettier Black woman is insane, like it was so many things about him that’s off but not he a open cheater too. Marriage and heterosexuality is a scam for women that’s one thing I know.

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