them ones

when you’re going through the worst season of your life,
it makes you ultra-aware of who is there.

Them ones who were standing by your side.
Them ones who had an available shoulder to cry on.
Them ones who would fight an entire army by your side.

it’s the little things that you’ll notice.
it’s the little things that mean so little but mean so much.

Them ones who will suggest shows for you to watch.
Them ones who will let you borrow money without an end date.
Them ones who will buy you food because they see your fridge is empty.

it’s them ones you won’t forget when you rise from the ashes.
them ones that will never go hungry because you will keep them fed.
it’s them kellys to them beyonces.
them ones who didn’t expect anything for being there,
but you gave them everything.
them ones crying tears of joy cause you never forgot their kindness.
the rest,
have to watch from the outside

…because they made you feel like you were on the outside.

they should understand how karma works,
“you reap what you sew”?
“what goes around comes around”?
“an eye for an eye”?

they couldn’t be supporting characters because they wanted to be stars.
they want, want, want, and take, take, take.
it’s amusing to see how they think they’ll see good giving 80/20.

Then they wonder why their relationships don’t last.
Then they wonder why their friendships end every couple of months.
Then they wonder why their “thank you” packages were lost in the mail.

some people are truly stupid jackals.
their selfishness and self-absorption end up ruining them.
the greatest stories of success always start by recognizing them ones.
them ones who supported and that one who opened the door.
so if we know this by the countless examples

Why do some people choose to be on the wrong side of history?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

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