i didn’t know this cowboy was a Foxhole fav (i was fooled by his beard)

i saw this picture fly down my twitter in between all the filth and narcissism,
and the first thing i thought to myself:

“This is the type of shit Bey is singing about in Cowboy Carter.”

it got me wanting to a the sequel to brokeback mountain.
brokeback mountain: II legs II heaven“.
so i didn’t know who he was until the Foxholers told me.

okay but wait…
he was fione before but this beard has made him FIZZIONE.
huge difference.
i could not tell that was him but…

…and the good news is,
he doesn’t look like an egg without the beard.

a beard can turn any most males into “oh hey daddy” real quick.
add a cowboy hat,
a horse,
and big biceps for the final form in “fuck me stupid”.
i’ll allow it.

lowkey: when is he gonna be on a show?

2 thoughts on “i didn’t know this cowboy was a Foxhole fav (i was fooled by his beard)

  1. At this point his looks can’t be denied, Mr. Gaines is high levels of attractive, but also at this point, I have to wonder, What’s the holdup? I don’t know how old Mr. Gaines is but Victoria Monet is 35 years old so I’m assuming that John has to be between 25 and 35, if I had to guess he seems younger than Victoria so I would put him at 32. It’s time for John to break out and become a star, he should’ve been on somebody’s TV show or in someone’s hallmark movie.

    You know I’m a sucker for black love and I love them together as a couple but I wonder if Victoria is holding him back? I love her success but maybe she’s telling him to sit back and take care of the house while she handles the rest. It’s weird because if you follow John on social media he is clearly trying to put more and more of his personality out there.

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