would you let a mature ‘n’ fine tank knock your walls down?

we live in an age where getting older means getting better,
and let’s be honest,
some males just age like fine wine.

Take Tank aka Durrell Babbs,
for example.
At 48,
he’s looks better than he did when he first debuted on the scene.

mature ‘n’ fine tank always been aging well,
but the way he has been lookin’ on the r&b money tour…

in my fantasies,
he is the DILF next door who i always go get my mail when i see him outside.
he mowed the lawn with no shirt on and i finagled him mowing me in the garage

one thing i’ve learned about some mature ‘n’ fine wolves:

They come with a wealth of sexual experience.

they’ve been through the ups and downs and in’s and outs (quite literally).
they love to showcase their well-honed skills and tend to be down for anything.
after you reach a certain age,
fucks to give goes out the window.

Of course,
this only holds true for those with that irresistible blend of charisma and confidence.

don’t think every mature ‘n’ fine wolf is gonna blow your walls down like a tank.


“And don’t use those hands to put up that gate and stop me” translation: Let me get it all the way in!.. R&B MONEY!!..

♬ original sound – Durrell Babbs “Tank”

lowkey: another mature ‘n’ fine wolf at 50?

5 thoughts on “would you let a mature ‘n’ fine tank knock your walls down?

  1. Tank is out here aging like fine wine, he looks great for 48 but I really thought he was in his 50’s, if Tank was in his 50’s he would be looking fantastic for his age. Its crazy because Usher is 45 and Tank is 48, but Tank gives you sexy father while Usher still gives you a much more youthful sexy.

  2. Tank is the cool straight guy who isn’t homophobic and will defend you against toxic DLs. He is perfection personified. Tank is 90’s fine. Tank is someone that NOBODY could call ugly.

    That is all.

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