amber rose is voting for trump and her followers will too?

if you would have told me that back in 2009,
a time before we ended up in this weird timeline,
that these two would become complete disappointments

I would have slapped you for slapping me on the ass for calling me Susan.

the day amber rose found her voice was the day her mystique died.
it seems she wants her fame to die even faster because

…maybe the ink from the tattoo on her forehead seeped into her brain?

i know we are shaking our heads in disappointment,
should we really care?

in this age of unapologetic authenticity,
amber rose proudly embraces her role as a modern-day icon of sexual liberation.
an unapologetic hoe?
does she really have the voice that resonates with the masses?
is she reflecting what those who follow and support her think?

sexyyred and amber’s ex endorsed trump and no one batted an eye.

in fact,
their stocks rose even further with those who follow them.
when chrisette michelle sung for trump,
she was exiled to nothingness because she had no one to follow her.

from the hopes for stimulus checks to circus-like antics on social media,
are we witnessing all the wrong reasons and all the wrong people endorsing trump?

the old saying goes,
show me your friends and I’ll show you who you are.”
maybe today,
it’s better to say…

“Show me who you’re voting for and I’ll reveal the character of the person and their followers behind it.”

5 thoughts on “amber rose is voting for trump and her followers will too?

  1. This is very strange. She is still getting child support from Wiz Khalifa so she doesn’t need money.

    I find it odd that someone who made a slutwalk to fight back against slutshaming is now aligning with “grab her by the p*ssy”. Then again, she got a face tat. Maybe this is mental illness manifesting.

  2. At this point Donald Trump is controversial and controversy sells, it gets clicks and views. How is Amber Rose even still a thing, I thought her 15 minutes were up years ago. People don’t even talk about Wiz Khalifa anymore. Donald Trump is cheap publicity for those who want to remain relevant and in the headlines. Unfortunately, the American people lose because we’re not even having a conversation about policy and what policies people want to actually implement. I’m tired of people who probably didn’t even graduate high school acting like all of a sudden they’re playing chess while everyone else is playing checkers.

  3. Amber is beginning to realize her relevance is fleeting and is basically at this point grasping for attention.

  4. It’s sad because he tried to prevent the stimulus checks from ever happening but because he signed them that’s all some people remember. They’re forgetting the babies in cages at the border or the racial uprisings and so on and so on and so on. The President of the United States isn’t going to fix everything, it’s a figure head role. But when someone says they want to be a dictator the answer is no, vote for the other guy. As for Amber Rose, wasn’t she using her platform to elevate slutdom or something? Like be free to be a slut or something? Welp I hope someone tells her Donald wants women bare foot and pregnant. Which of course is right up Sexxy Red’s alley 💁🏾‍♂️

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