cam’ron could have been clappin’ cheeks instead of wasting time on cnn

Why is it that some people haven’t mastered the art of gracefully deflecting questions they’d rather not answer?

displaying ignorance and throwing temper tantrums is never a good look,
especially when you’re a black celebrity.

we don’t have the same luxury as white celebs have.
we are all thrown in the same box regardless if we are above it all or not.
from the likes of sexyredd,
and the numerous black male podcasters not doing the community any favors,
we been down bad for quite some time.

Cam’ron decided to throw his hat in ring on CNN last night with Abby Phillip

he wasn’t thrilled about being asked to weigh in on diddy’s drama.

after the interview,
and he got the cheeks after getting his dick hard on air,
he explained why he acted the way he did on his own podcast…

he got some ass and didn’t even change his clothes.
so why did he agree to the interview in the first place?
did he really think they asked him to come on cnn ( x for his own positive shit )?
no baby…

cam is entertaining and loves to spill good tea.
you see he couldn’t contain he was gonna fuck someone after the interview.
cnn should have known better because:

i gotta ask tho:

Would he have code-switched if the interviewer had been a white vixen?

cnn’s bad,
i guess.
they should have asked mase to come on as a guest.
he was much closer to diddy and been waiting for his moment to spill it all.

5 thoughts on “cam’ron could have been clappin’ cheeks instead of wasting time on cnn

  1. Not excusing Cam’ron’s behavior, but CNN should’ve never booked this interview. First off there were probably better people who worked more closely with Sean Combs, especially in the early years who would’ve given a better interview like Mase, why hasn’t anybody tapped Lil Kim, Mary J. Blige, or Faith Evan’s on-the-shoulder to get their takes.

    The next issue is we’ve got to stop being naïve about these things. A lot of people in the game in the ’90s and early 2000s were all doing the same thing to different extents, they were all doing drugs, alcohol, and having sex with scores of different people, some probably had their own domestic violence situations; it’s hard to ask people to throw stones at glass houses when their own houses aren’t protected.

    1. You can’t seriously think Cam was their first choice, or that the ppl you mentioned were just sitting around ready and willing to talk, hoping some platform reaches out to them.

  2. He is like Amber Rose. Should sit there and look pretty and never speak.

    Off topic, will you be bringing back the podcast? I notice you apologize for your absences or when you’re going through it, but I’d appreciate you updating and saying you’re not feeling it and going into some detail and your research on the topic in therapy via a podcast. Why not vent and likely help others?

    It doesn’t seem like doing it with Karaoke is feasible at this time, and recording could help cheer you up.

  3. I’m sure Cam’ron was no one’s first choice rapper to get on an interview to talk about… anything. Let’s start there.

    Cam’ron is and has always been problematic. He’s 50 yrs old and missing his days of relevance, and clearly thinks acting the maturity level he was in 1998 will bring him that same level of fuks abt Cam’ron from the public. We’ll sit here and talk about how he unnecessarily disrespected a blk woman’s platform today, and 30 seconds into it ‘we’ (see: yalls idiot cuzzins) will make all of the excuses for his _____ (pick one) behavior because he’s a WEALTHY, HETERO, blk man. We all know it takes Diddy levels of problems to hold a straight, blk man w 2 nickels to rub together, accountable.

  4. What an idiot. He said that he’s gonna “get some cheeks” after the interview. Was that a reference to sex after the interview? And he asked while on air (apparently to a person not seen by us) who booked the interview, etc. What an ass. What a jerk.

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