i heard a voice last night and it wasn’t from God

i didn’t sleep well last night.
my night involved the most intense nightmares.
i can’t even font you what they were about but i felt fear.
there were times i kept waking up out of my sleep.
that wasn’t the part tho.
so rewind back to earlier last night…

i decided to take a half an edible and play a game with a friend.
don’t tell funky dineva.
the edible had me super chill but when i got off the game,
i won’t even hold you…

I heard a random female voice talking in my crib.
It sounded like an older voice that was just carrying on a conversation.

when i font you,
i was SHOOK

…because i thought someone broke in my crib.
bad enough i was in my bedroom and all the lights were off except the TV.
so i did what anyone would do in that situation?


i was a white vixen in a scary movie.

i was high and could not remember where my light switches were.
once i pulled it together and checked my entire spot:


i’ve taken edibles before and never had anything like that happen.

this morning,
something has me feeling depressed.
i feel like i’m still in that nightmare.
maybe i am and i’ll wake up to better times.
i might need to pray and put on gospel music OD today.

2 thoughts on “i heard a voice last night and it wasn’t from God

  1. Quit being ‘cute’ and being disrespectful about God, Bible Study, or fonting about The Lord in an insouciant manner.
    Your Conscious, your Spirit, your Soul is not happy. When you write blasphemous diatribes about the church and church people, you are disappointing the true ‘ inner you’. You know right from wrong, Jamari. I 🙏 for peace for you. You are adored by your Tribe. You are already over the hump! Pray and CLAIM IT.

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