candace owens thinks eminem has gotten gayer in his old age

eminem has only one request:

He doesn’t want ANY Republicans using his music.

i mean,
that’s fair and it should be respected.
GOP presidential contender,
“da vek” aka vivek ramasw-something or the other,
decided he wanted to get on stage and pretend he was eminem.

why are these people so corny?
in which promoted em to ask da vek to ( x never rap his music again ).
candace owens thinks em is gay because of this…

she claims em is getting “gayer in his older age” for the cease and desist.
first of all:

Does Candace Owens know who she is dealing with?

she is cruisin’ for a bruisin‘.
em will drag her back to the pits of hell and drop her back off to her master.

he dragged mgk into ( x a whole new genre of music ).
i would love it if he dragged her ass so bad,
she wouldn’t want to hit record ever again.
em is silent but deadly when it comes to his chaos.


Why is sexuality being weaponized against a male because he has boundaries?

he doesn’t want republicans using his music.
he doesn’t like trump or the republican party.
this isn’t brand-new information.
not only that,
there are plenty of gay republicans out here.
( x see gay republicans called log cabin republicans )

Sidebar: I don’t understand how any gays could be Republicans.
I guess they like getting fucked in more ways than one.

so her diss to em makes her sound stupid and ignorant.
i mean,
that isn’t brand new information,

lowkey: why come da vek is giving a less talented kevin g from mean girls?

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  1. Gayer then when he used to give the girls homoerotic trailer trash teas. I do hope he drags her so bad she shuts up finally but I think this is her way to grift up some more drama & attention (she did it with Cardi) so yeah.

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