diddy continues to predict his future about his downfall

there is nothing worse than a dick sucka.
i’m fonting about the types that even someone claims they were a victim,
the dick sucka will get on their knees to show support to the monster.
its like the folks who disrespected r. kelly’s victims because they fucked to his music.
we wonder why people don’t speak up.
the following video of diddy abusing cassie triggered me heavy.
trigger warning ahead…

the way she was trying to leave and he dragged her back.
the way that she didn’t fight back.
the way she tried to call for help and he threw shit at her.
mind you,
he was so enraged that he is doing this in a towel in the hallway of a hotel.

The way she said this happened in the complaint and it’s playing out for the forests to see.

…and yet,
when all of this dropped,
there was excuse after excuse by many black folks.
the goal post was moved to the parking lot.

I’ll never forget someone I admired telling me that the artists that Diddy robbed should have read their contracts so it’s their fault they’re broke.

cassie turned from victim to villain as they do with many victims.

“How dare she accuse Diddy of abusing her?
She should have left.”

…even after explaining how she tried and he dragged her back to him.
with some,
no one should ever be a victim because it’s their fault for being one.
people cannot fathom that some are absolute terrors behind closed doors.

i don’t know what could be said about this besides he is over.
he will be an icon within music but his triumphs have been overshadowed.
all he had to do was make music and help black talent create generational wealth.
there is pretty much nothing to font than “you’re outta here!“.
he was smart enough to let us know what was to come by one of his last IG posts:

he was definitely right.

lowkey: i secretly love when people do dumb shit and support trash.
i love when they end up looking stupid.
love it.

article cc: cnn

5 thoughts on “diddy continues to predict his future about his downfall

  1. I think we can all agree that the video was horrible to watch, but beyond that, I think I have some unpopular views that I don’t want to be misconstrued as support for Diddy.

    Unpopular opinion #1, I don’t want to hear a whole bunch of conversations about domestic violence. The reality is that we oftentimes have very irresponsible conversations about domestic violence which often start with “ Men should never put their hands on women” Sorry, this is incorrect. If we truly care about keeping people safe then the reality is “I don’t care who or what you are or how you identify, people should keep their hands to themselves”. The problem with domestic violence conversations is that people always want to throw in exceptions and exemptions. We want to demonize men while providing grace for women who abuse. Not to mention we don’t even address the huge amount of domestic violence that happens in same-sex relationships because it doesn’t fit the narrative, what happens to our domestic violence conversations when it’s male-on-male or female-on-female, or even adding the Trans element.

    Unpopular opinion #2, there is no more moral compass or foundation even to have a full-throated conversation around Diddy. We have almost allowed a Plutocracy to take hold in the United States where we idolize and worship millionaires and billionaires. We allow the wealthy to do whatever they want, to whomever they want, whenever they want as long as they have the money to pay for it. Unfortunately, in America, it’s sold to the masses because “One day you too can be a millionaire or a billionaire” If that’s the dynamic in society what do you think the consequences will be? We are being asked to respond to this tape in real time as if it happened yesterday. The reality is that this tape is 8 years old, the question has to be why was this tape allowed to be buried for so long? Why are the wealthy allowed to pay hush money and bribe their way out of everything and who are these people who are accepting these bribes because they are part of the problem as well?

    Unpopular opinion #3 Diddy being done has no meaning. Diddy probably belongs in jail, but even with all the allegations and still no charges I don’t see that happening anytime soon. Diddy is still a multimillionaire and at 54 years old can honestly just invest his money and live extremely well off the interest. He still has his family out vacationing and life inside his bubble is probably still good. We live in a society where a guy is running for President with accusations and convictions of sexual crimes and still millions of people are going to vote for him. People want to talk about domestic violence, sexual assault, and rape but people don’t care about those things; talking about something and caring about something are not necessarily the same thing.

  2. I think this is the final nail in diddy’s coffin. On top of all the other horrible things he’s been accused of, I was giving him the benefit of the doubt, not anymore.

  3. It feels like the scene from “What’s Love Got to Do With It” when Tina escaped from Ike while he was sleeping. Diddy is done. If he was like this in public, I can only imagine how horrible he was to her and others in the privacy of his home.

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