diddy is gonna try to sell us a bridge in brooklyn next

i couldn’t help but wonder,
in a world without the internet

Would we still be hanging on to Diddy’s every word,
taking his “apology” at face value?

the real kicker is,
he managed to trip over his own statements by his actions.

diddy said his accusers,
cassie included,
were fabricating stories for a quick payday.
he even said in another post that time will tell the truth.
but then,
a video surfaces of his abuse caught him up in 1080p.
what really gets me when watching the “apology” video

He positioned himself as the victim
He didn’t even apologize to the person in the video
He tossed around buzzwords like “God” and “therapy”
He talked about hitting “rock bottom” yet has a track record of abuse

nothing about his apology felt sincere.
i don’t understand why he did it or who advised him to do it.
he got busted and couldn’t keep hiding within the guise of hearsay.
here’s the wild part:

The powers that be just won’t let their paws off his neck.

every time diddy tries to flex to the forests about his innocence,
another scandal drops to put him in check.
he better chill because he shouldn’t shrug off the latest leak.
we know how the black community has got strong feelings about certain things.
if they see a video of him abusing a rapper’s butt cheeks for power

We might just see the last of Diddy.

…and i feel he is gonna drop the thor hammer before when he makes his exit.