i wonder if he cleans up his sperm from the backseat of his cop car?

i don’t mess with cops too tough…

…but if i met one that looked like ^this Dominican stallion,
he could do me in the cop car,
on the cop car,
under the cop car,
and through the cop car.

all jokes aside (kinda) but cops are fascinating creatures.
some of them don’t know what to do with their power.
many of them love to cheat with hookers and even their partners.
like ( x these two cops who would have sex loud in their cop car ).
 a jackal in blue named francesco marlett from maryland has no chill.
he was caught boldly having relations with his side-hoe in his backseat…

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foXXX: “You Want Me To ___ In That _____? Huh?”

WHOWANTSSOMEyesterday was a quiet day so i thought id treat everyone to a snack before bed.
not for nothing,
but this foxxx “getting smashed by a pretty boy” did it for me tho.
well the lack of a condom was a turn off,
but if the fox and wolf want to be stupid then go right ahead.
the wolf’s voice and the growling tho>>>>
i lost it.
nothing better than some d/l pipe to get you right?
safe of course.
the following is nsfw,
and “not for straight eyes”
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