Eat Me Out While It’s Hot Out

we doing sexual shit in broad daylight now?
oh ok…

so i’m walking to the crib from work,
minding my own business,
when i walk up beside a car with this old dude eating a chick out in the backseat.

let me say it again.
he was eating her out in the backseat.
i swear on everything i love.
i tried not to look as i walked past,
but i could not believe what i was seeing.
like legs up and his head in between.
no tints on this toyota either.
the worst part?
well besides him being old enough to know better.
the neighborhood kids were playing a couple feet away.
like seriously?
what if they saw that?
i dunno if it was a hooker situation,
but get a fuckin room.
i’m all for fuckin’ in the whip,
but in broad daylight on a residential street?
people letting their ratchet ways get the best of them these days.
now i wonder if i would have judged so harshly if she was giving him head?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

16 thoughts on “Eat Me Out While It’s Hot Out”

  1. I honestly don’t the purpose of fucking in a car. There not enough room and the stench in the car yuck. And after sex I gotta take a shower cause u know.

      1. And this was a toyota? I wonder if she got stuck in the backseat. If that man is married, he better sanitize the whole car and have air fresher.

      2. A Toyota is not big enough, and I know it was as ripe as it could be. Need that ol Chevy, which gives you plenty of room. My dad used to have a 64 Impala. Oh yea. If I had it now, I’d be takin Foxes by the water where it’s nice and cool, turn on some slow jams and get it poppin lol. If you gonna get busy in the back seat during the summer, you gotta do it right.

  2. Damn that shit sounded hot. They were bold as hell for that.

    Do your body in the back seat…why….hell cause it’s sexy so sexy baby don’t you know it’s sexy. *in my Dino voice*

  3. Giving head to a man isn’t as obvious as giving head to a women. Her legs must be n the air for him to get his tongue up in there good enough.

    I thought you all liked public sex anyway?

    1. ^yes…
      i’m with it…
      but not with the kids playing close by.
      i’m tired of the hood antics.
      he was older tho…
      like grey hair and all.
      grandpa wanted it and wanted it now.

      1. A little public sex ain’t gonna hurt nobody. That probably wasn’t there first time seeing it and probably won’t be their last.

  4. dude ask me 2 weeks ago to jack me off one night. I oblige and he escorted me to a downstairs basement with a closed door in between a parking lot . I always wished for something like. The guy looked like that GQ model Nate Hill and he was toned and need a load off, sho nuff I gave it to him. This boy tasted like he was marinated over night. After he left on his skateboard leaving me downstair, I thought to myself I’m damn lucky no officer or security guard caught my ass but I still walk that route hoping his ass come back again cause im reddy!

    1. Do you make videos on xtube. Seem like every single one of them dudes always sucking dick in public where they can get caught or some type of boiler room where only mechanics should be allowed.

      1. Sure don’t, but them stair were dark and had leaf debris all over. I tell you I enjoy every minute of it. Lucky nobody went down them stairs!

  5. Public indecency. In broad daylight! Near children! No way. They should have and would have been arrested if a police person had walked by! I’m all for freedom for the individual but children must be protected!

  6. even though it sounds ratchet that sounds sexy as hell lol the most ratchet thing i’ve ever seen was in philly about 8 years ago going to the papi store to get a hoagie, it was winter so it was dark early. I recall walking past a crown vic with tint, but it wasn’t dark tint you can still see thru and there was a guy laid back in the drivers seat smoking blunt and the girl was sucking his dick…the only thing that made me look was he was blasting music i guess trying to blend in but if anything if you walked by close you could clearly see his hand on her head..but this tops the cake, broad daylight and etc lol..i’m not even going to lie something about the summer time makes me feel risque and excited to do stuff like that… a few months ago when the weather broke i got my groove on the hood of a car in cobbs creek parkway, a big park area in west philly and i enjoyed every minute of it…but it was 1am so a brotha wouldn’t get caught with my sexy african top for indecent exposure

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