Is Anyone Else Inspired by Terrence J?

Screen Shot 2014-06-24 at 7.10.07 PMokay onto something more uplifting
so i really respect terrence j.
i remember when he first auditioned for that big 106 and park contest.
i will admit i thought he was kinda… corny.
i was also pissed about them replacing free and aj.
bright eyed and ready to win,
he did his interview on his campus.
he did really well,
but i thought the one wolf with the cornrows was gonna be chose.
he had the look and the swagg at the time.
wasn’t happening for that one.
terrence was ultimately chosen,
along with that girl,
to take over.
he has come a long way.
 no denying it.
everyone i know who has met terrence j said he was extremely nice.
that girl on the other hand…
i saw his post on instagram this morning and it instantly brightened my day.
it also gave me hope from all the way down here.
this is what he said…

I had to spend extra time thanking God this morning. How incredible is the man upstairs??? This past weekend alone I interviewed the First Lady, received an Emmy Nomination, & opened up the #1 movie in America. Something special is happening and I’m so grateful and HUMBLED by it all. I’ve struggled my entire life. Born poor, father abandoned me, and so on. 8 years ago I put Proverbs 3:56 on my arm and let God takeover. And things haven’t slowed down since. All praises due. | But there’s no time to celebrate. I have a lot further to go! It’s time to get back to work! I’m hungrier than ever!!! I feel like an intern all over!!! I’m heading into the office first and leaving last. Expect new and exciting announcements people, I’m just getting warmed up! Now who’s ready to take over the world with me????????? Let’s get it….

keeping all inside voices inside.
i do love a wolf with goals and “winning” as his motivation.
how amazing is that tho?
he is proof that what hard work,
and a little help from the universe can get you very far.
i know when he was struggling,
i bet he didn’t see “this” in his future.
we all don’t in our lives.
congrats terrence.
we’re all watching your rise king.

btw i forgive you for “think like a man too”.
they could have kept that…
but you stood out the most in the entire movie.

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Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “Is Anyone Else Inspired by Terrence J?”

  1. I relate to him so much. Good for him and all but he and Rocsi annoyed me. I would have rather they kept Tigger and Julissa hosting the show. I remember that Wolf with the braids too.

    Don’t forget Terrence is with that model Selita Ebanks, I think.

    I hope to be able to look back and be like “man, look how far I’ve come.”

  2. He’s very blessed and humbled plus I like the fact that Hein shaped and still naturally slim. He’s got a long road in front of him.

  3. he always had a humble spirit and was always genuine…seems like a great guy i love when a man gives GOD praise because these days are generation doesn’t like to acknowledge GOD at all, everyone wants to say they got ‘lucky’ when they become successful, but making it out of poverty and accomplishing your dreams isn’t ‘LUCK’….

  4. Very inspiring. Proves that no matter you background, hard work and prayer work. Excited to see his rise to become the black Ryan Seacresf. Go Terrance!

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