If You Don’t Look Like Jeremy Meeks (You Ugly)

tumblr_n7o99fXRG81ryvh4no1_1280so colored contacts sales will be up?
well i guess this is positive news.

i think.
so it looks like some idiot kind person is about to pay jeremy meeks.
no not some old jackal for sexual favors silly.
jeremy may get an alleged check for looking like a “hot gangsta”

Jeremy Meeks — aka Dreamy McMug — stands to make tens of thousands of dollars just for looking like a hot gangster.

Blaze Modelz tells TMZ … “gangster models” are hot right now.  The agency claims they can book Meeks with high-end fashion houses — like Versace and Armani — and he could rake in $15 – $30K a month. 

Blaze also says they actually like Meeks’ face tattoos … even the gang-revealing teardrop.  They thinks it’s edgy and sexy.  They didn’t mention the Crip tattoo on his neck, but that can be covered.

Another modeling agency — that did not want to be named — tells us … once Meeks is a free man they’d like to work with him as well.

Here’s the problem.  Meeks is currently being held on $900,000 bail with no prospect of getting out soon.  He’s a convicted criminal facing serious weapons charges and could be a little long in the tooth before he gets sprung.

-1arent they scared that if he doesn’t get paid,
he’ll storm in and shoot up the joint?
i can’t.
i even read a company wants to give him ( x free tattoo removal ).
i know one thing:
i hope to god i don’t see him in my gq magazine.
lowkey: i wonder if these people are offering this shit to sample the penitentiary peen?
its an honest question.
i bet they all got a bets on who gonna get it first.
and i DON’T mean his john han… cock.

article found: tmz

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “If You Don’t Look Like Jeremy Meeks (You Ugly)”

  1. When will his fifteen minutes of fame be over? The man is behind bars and he will not be getting out anytime soon. Leave him be people. Imagine how many women wanna mate with him tho?

    S/N: Colored contacts do not do any justice for anyone. It doesn’t make people look anymore attractive, actually it makes them less attractive. I hate seeing people with them, especially dudes.

  2. This is how far the internet age has come. Ever since 2011, anything that becomes an internet hit, takes a long time to die. Good for him that he might get money but such a sad state when looking at how America is now. Just like that old lady that was bullied by two 12 year olds getting damn near a million dollars in donations. Shame shame shame.

    This country is so done.

    1. ^they gonna give him a job…
      …so he could model.
      excellent way to contribute to society.
      teach us that if we have blue eyes and look racial ambiguous,
      they will pay our fuckin bills and give us cute clothes.

  3. i dont find him attractive besides his eyes and it some of the other photos he looks like your average lite skin guy with lite eyes…over him already *yawns* they’re hyping him up more then a Beyonce album (and im a bey fan btw )

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