it’s was a hot girl/boy summer (and now folks pee be burning)

ya know,
its best not to follow the crowd.
as much as i enjoyed the music of “hot girl/boy summer“,
i didn’t go jump off random dicks like a pogo stick.
i took it more of “live your best life” than “go fuck everyone recklessly“.
well it seems like medication is gonna be on deck this fall because…



i wonder how much of these folks were on prep?
they do know it doesn’t protect against stds.

lowkey: do folks even care?
we gonna be fuckin’ in latex fruit roll up body suits soon.

6 thoughts on “it’s was a hot girl/boy summer (and now folks pee be burning)

  1. People need to be careful , these easy to treat STDs are becoming not so easy to treat. Earlier this year there was a UK man who contracted an antibiotic resistant strain of gonorrhea.

  2. Imagine shaming people for being free & doing what they want with their bodies!

    But the shame & judgement usually comes from the ones who wouldn’t get looked at twice or approached even by the ugliest nigga 🤔

    1. Y’all kill me with this “being free” bullshit. You can do what you want with your body, but why not take extra precautions when std’s have been increasing over the last few years? Is temporary pleasure really worth your health?

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