The Dragon Is Back And All The Other Vixens Are Scared (VC: 15)

every year we can expect a beyonce take over.
she goes hard for the entire year until she feels it is time to stop.
the other singers probably thank their lucky stars.
2013 is the year she regains steam again.
she has the super bowl coming up,
a new album,
and other stuff to make us sick of her by mid may.
her first stop is up and coming gq for february…

somewhere in the world,
a big beyonce stan is trying to do this same pose for instagram.
he anticipates 50 likes.
stay tuned…

34 thoughts on “The Dragon Is Back And All The Other Vixens Are Scared (VC: 15)

  1. There’s a reason why she’s compared to everyone. She’s become the standard.

    There’s also a reason why Rihanna releases an album every year, changes her look dramatically every six months, and engages in attention seeking behavior.

    Beyonce may not have any classic, but who has since the 90’s? Go on youtube and look at some of her concerts and live performances. Those are her classics.

    Rihanna has just begun to churn out consistently good performances on her 6th album. Her material is good though, but I would expect considering the massive machine she has behind her.

  2. King Creole is not that great of a singer or dancer, but she tries hard and is an amazing businesswoman.

    As an entertainer she’s top notch, it’s just everything else is question marks and and asterisks.

    Can’t think of her ever having an intellectual conversation, does she read at all? She usually looks vacant in the eyes during interviews, maybe her documentary will fill in the blanks. Maybe she doesn’t speak a lot cause she not intellectually curious. There’s always that one friend or family member who is long term fucking an airhead, does Jay-Z sigh a lot?

    At this stage of the game there is no reason for covers like this when in multiple videos and other covers she has been sexier; the one time it would pay to be over the top, she looks basic. Me no understand.

    You know some geigh dude told her belly chains was okay in 2013.

    She hasn’t been musically interesting since B’day, putting out jingles does not make someone legendary, it is time to produce classics or occupy a seat.

    Quick name one Beyonce classic. Now name a Mariah, Whitney, or Janet classic.

    See the difference and the problem?

    1. ^you named two of my biggest issues with beyonce.
      no classics!
      her music is not timeless.
      it is just “the moment”.

      she just doesn’t inspire me.
      i’m not going to get inspired by someone because she walks down a stage like naomi campbell.
      i listen to her in interviews and she is saying the exact same thing she has said in other interviews over the years.
      she doesn’t give you life lessons.
      i look for that in an artist.
      someone who can inspire me and make me want to conquer the world.
      she just tries to be perfect and fit in with what is trendy.
      i honestly believe rihanna has her a little scared this time.
      i think this is the most beyonce has ever had personality:


      1. I’m not even going to comment on those damn videos..she is cleared being portrayed as a bitch. If that’s personality to you…

        So I get it..

        Beyonce needs to be a straight up bitch that people think that she is….

        She should do whatever it takes to end up on the blogs and the tabloids…

        Get on drugs and get drunk in public…fight among her peers on twitter…

        Act like a total monkey just people can like her. Right?!

        That footage was when she was freakin 17 years old.

        I forgot people blamed her for Letoya and Latavia getting fired…


  3. Whoa Beyonce, I am little shocked she pushed the envelope this far, I for one wish she would leave this type of look for Rihanna, I respect the fact that she doesnt have to do this because she has actual talent. It almost looked forced, I guess Im old fashion and think that she can slay just as much with her clothes on but hey in this new economy I guess you have to show your ass to remain relevant and she is no dummy by any means when it comes to her career. S/N those thighs have been photoshopped to hell and back 🙂

  4. I love Beyonce for her musical gifts but I LOVE her most because she keeps the kids pressed and sealed over her EVERY move.

    It’s funny to me because her haters support her more than her stans do…

    Go to ANY blog (esp when most of them are black women) and she will be the trending topic of the day…

    They get even madder because she doesn’t respond!

    FYI this is not the first time she has gotten raunchy but that was back in her DIL days…

    and WHY is it when Beyonce does something she is ‘copying’ somebody else but another heffa do it and nobody says a word…..

    1. Because she’s been caught red handed, stealing shit and calling it her own.

      Claiming song lyrics that she never wrote and concepts that she never developed, lol.

      1. The only argument people have against her is that she claimed that she wrote Neyo’s Irreplaceable. We all know she didn’t. She said it one time during a concert and people ran with it. If Neyo felt some type of way about that, WHY is he writing for her on this album?

        If you are referring to BC Jean’s ‘If I Was A Boy’, that song was given to Beyonce by BC Jean manager because the chick didn’t want the damn song. The original lyrics and arrangement was completely different.

        The bottom line is artist often claim work and often they do change word or phrase here and there when they record, but the songwriters are paid and they are paid well so at the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter.

        Beyonce wrote most of the songs for Destiny’s Child’s last two albums and her first album and they all were platinum records that won Grammys and a crap load of awards including ASCAP award. She was the FIRST black woman to win that award and she was barely 21.

        As far as concepts, most artists ‘steal’ concepts and claim inspiration ALL of the time. Hell the king of Pop (may he rest in peace) dance moves were inspired by James Brown, Jackie Wilson and Jeffrey Wright of Shalamar(who was the originator of the moonwalk).

        Prince, one of the greatest artist of all time was inspired by Jimi Hendrix..

        Do you want me to go on….

        Name one artist of today who is ORIGINAL? You list will be short as shit because there aren’t many.

      2. Lol. I don’t need a music history lesson, Luckey. I know music. If you want, we can take it back to Ella, if your heart so desires.

        The point is, whether she’s original in what she does or not in comparison to other artists is irrelevant. The issue is the fact you stans place her on some proverbial pedastal as if she’s God’s gift to music and better than any other female in the game. Hell, you couldn’t even give Rihanna her due credit without first bashing her to lift Beyonce up. That’s what annoys me.

        Fact is, she is incredibly average as an artist. The only reason why you kids rave about her is because she’s ultra feminine and give you all something to pump to in the club. Nevermind the fact her US sales have been on the steady decline since her debut.

        And as much as I respect her hustle, I have always felt her receiving the ASCAP award was a travesty and a slap in the face to real songwriters.

        I’m not going to comment on her Grammys because any real music head knows that shit is irrelevant in this day and age. Grammys used to be coveted. An artist had to work their entire career to get one. That is no longer the case.


        “The bottom line is artist often claim work and often they do change word or phrase here and there when they record, but the songwriters are paid and they are paid well so at the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter.”

        Irritated me most. You basically said, “it doesn’t matter if the writing is stolen. The writers get paid anyway and that’s all that matters.”
        That shit lacks integrity and is disrespectful as fuck to the craft.

      3. You never answered any of my question….you just stated some more of your personal opinions.

        I understand though.. lets just agree to disagree. I am not getting a check for defending Beyonce and my opinions (and the facts) won’t change.

        I still got love for you even you don’t have it for me.


        1. ^ i hope you didnt call me stupid over beyonce?
          or did you?

          drama aside,
          i believe rihanna is more popular than beyonce right now.
          rihanna is also breaking records and all kinds of shit.
          im not taking sides because I appreciate both ladies for what they have to offer.
          i will say beyonce is whatever at this point.
          i love her showmanship,
          but im semi bored with her.
          she hasn’t really expressed her personality that is relatable.

      1. Rihanna and Beyonce are polar opposite.

        Beyonce plays it safe and say all the right things. She has the perfect life. a husband, a child and very well respected in the industry.

        Rihanna on the other hand provides shock value…she has no NEVER know what she is going to say or do. Even her music is wild and exciting.

        Beyonce has been on ice, living her life and enjoying it as she should. She did all she needed to do. 16 Grammy’s alone is more then what most legends will ever see…She worked hard since her DC days and honestly she needed to have a seat and enjoy life..

        Rihanna is a singles queen. She is only as good as her last hit and without the Chris Brown fiasco, she is just an average pop artist. She isn’t the best singer, the best dancer, without her ‘team’, she is nothing. She understands that hence why she keep up the bs..

        I respect Rihanna’s hustle though…

        EVERYBODY knows when Beyonce comes around, nobody else matters.

        Rihanna is that next bad bitch to fuck with…

      2. Jamari…you know damn well I wouldn’t disrespect you like that.

        I was referring to the fuckery between Chris, Rihanna and Karatekick….

        Rihanna is doing the damn thing. Not even mad at her. There is always room at the top and I fuck with her (minus that damn fiasco)

      3. I’m confused. How do haters (a word I really really hate, by the way) create her hype? The people who stan for her create her hype.

        Is she great at what she does? Absolutely.
        But as an artist, she’s pretty average. In fact, I’d argue she’s damn near basic.

        She doesn’t have the best vocals. She isn’t the best dancer. She isn’t lyrical. She’s average at everything, but she’s the best at putting it all together and delivering.

        Like Jamari said, she’s boring. She delivers the same shit every album. You can pretty much predict what she’s going to give when new music drops.

        People can talk bad about Rihanna all they want, but her artistry is the shit.

      4. YES Haters. Go to ANY blog of color, any news article or any of videos. Hell anything that has her name on it and read the comments. Hundreds upon thousands of comments. There are thousands of videos of people claiming their hatred for Beyonce.
        They go out of their way to express how much they hate her. What word is more appropriate?

        Ask ANYONE, who is the most hated female artist and I will bet you my whole paycheck that they will say Beyonce.

        I said it once and I will say it again. Her haters are her BIGGEST stans and they are mostly bitter black self hating women and delusional queens. This is not just my opinon as I am a blogger so I see this first hand every day. I will never understand how people continue to speak about some or waste their energy on a person they don’t like (and never met). If I am truly tired of something, I am not going to speak it up or bring attention to it.

        As far as her being average….

        What AVERAGE diva do you know won 16 Grammys before she turned 30?

        What average diva do you know won an ASCAP award?

        Should I go on?

        They don’t give out prestigious awards to random average artist and you certianly can buy them..

        What average diva do you know was the first black female artist to cover Sports Illustrated?

        What average diva do you know was the first woman to headline the Glastonbury Festival.

        What diva do you know performs at the President Inauguration TWICE?

        She is very respected among her peers, legends and elites…

        Hell even Michelle Obama and Oprah, two of the most POWERFUL black women are big fans.


        Since day one that Beyonce been relevant people have hated on everything about her and blamed her for EVERYTHING.

        Not to mention, the woman couldn’t even enjoy her pregnancy without people once again claiming that she faked it. WTF?!

        Anyway, you are intitled to your opinion as I am but notice how I listed FACTS that can be looked up courtesy of Google. Calling her an average artist is merely an insult.

        Now lets talk about Rihanna.

        She has more awards than Beyonce but keep in mind she has manage to put out an album damn near every year since her debut in 2006. Her music consist of pop music and the latest trends. She is a chick from the island with a unique voice.

        So is Shanell..

        I never hated on Rihanna but her relationship with Chris Brown is more relevant than her music and that is the reason why she is on everyone’s mind. Before Chris, she was just an average pop artist from the islands.

        Controversy sells records bro.

        She can’t sing. She can’t dance. She can’t even dutty wine….but she is an unique artist?

        Rihanna is that bitch because she still manage to slay the singles charts and she FINALLY got her first #1 album. Kudos to her and her team for that.

        No shade just facts in black and white.

      5. Lol. Spoken like a true stan.

        I’ve already addressed her awards below, so I won’t address them again.

        As far as being respected, people respect her hustle. They respect the way in which she has positioned herself in the industry. They respect her work ethic. Oprah and Michelle are both powerful black women. They respect other women like them.

        That is not what we’re talking about.

        What we are talking about is ARTISTRY and MUSIC.

        She performed at Glastonbury because she pulls in numbers. She sells tickets. I have never said she wasn’t popular. You stans will go out and buy 3 tickets, all for yourself, and not think twice about it. Use one to get in the concert, another as a momento, and another to post on Instagram.

        Again, what does that have to do with her artistry?

        People bash Beyonce because of how overhyped you all make her to be. Everything she does is epic to y’all. She could shit on a mic and you all would think the shit was gold.

        There is something really wrong with a person who can’t give an artist their due credit without bashing another.
        “Rihanna has more awards, but that’s only because…” Why can’t the bitch just be great at what she does? Lol. It’s ridiculous.

        And the fucking baby bump wasn’t real. The shit folded on live television. Just goes to show how fucking delusional stans are.

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