MEAT: (655)

tumblr_nu0886O21S1tdblo6o1_1280i just…
creamed all in my drawz.
he looks like the younger brother of ( x thomas q. jones ).
i’ll take ^this version tho.
we can role play “cutty buddy”.
starting now.

7 thoughts on “MEAT: (655)

  1. Lawwwd.. I remember seeing his tumblr page a few months ago but forgot the name. I know he had to blow plenty of females backs out at his HBCU.

  2. Damn, I hate to be negative but (to me) he’s the kind of guy that needs that exact physique and a haircut to be “attractive”. Like how is that gonna pan out 10-20 years from now?

  3. Yes I saw this pic a few days ago and my jaw dropped, face says youngin but body screams man.

    P.S. Cutty buddy has been getting work besides BMJ I saw him in an episode of that new TV One comedy “Born Again Virgin” and the body is still looking right.

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