He Looks Like He Don’t Play About His Wolf

angry-fox_620_2151231ahe looks feisty.
i could take him.
i think.
look a fox will fight tooth and nail over his wolf.
a wolf that is probably giving him the pipe right.
sadly i never meet a single wolf.

i always meet a taken wolf,
since i have “WHORE” written on my forehead…

so i’m pissedT.
i put my fur on,
ran to get my haircut,
hopped on the train,
and headed to get this new iphone 6s plus.
i didn’t care what color.
i am eligible for an upgrade and i want one.

well i got egg on my face today.
i went to 4 of my phone company stores and all sold out.
even the ones hidden in the cut were all sold out.
how is this possible?
did all of new yawk go get a new phone?

 i took the train to head back home,
with my tail tucked neatly between my legs,
when this fine wolf walked on.
i mean he was fine.

light skinneded-ed
wearing all black
did i mention muscles?

tumblr_m1z720UL7j1r5r4uyo1_r2_500you know i love that.
well i could not stop staring.
this short older spanish fox was standing right next to him.
at first,
i thought they didn’t know each other.
well it wasn’t until i noticed the matching food bags,
they were wearing the same color outfit,
and the spanish fox looking at me like:
2r4q0y0i just knew they were together.
i tried to keep my gawking to a minimum.
it was hard.
very hard.

at one point,
the spanish fox went and took a seat,
leaving the the fine wolf wide open.
thats when i tried to eye fuck him.
not happening.
he was clearly committed and was not trying to fuck that up.

9FiJ5 i was still looking until i got off.

i had to wonder if i’d be like that?
or if i’d let my wolf roam free with no worries?
hell who am i kidding?
if i’m acting the way i am with work wolf,
i could as well walk with my pepper spray.
and baton.
and tazer.
and shot gun.

you get the drift.

lowkey: *weeps* i want the iphone 6s plus!
someone do something!


13 thoughts on “He Looks Like He Don’t Play About His Wolf

  1. Dang, the type that could lift you onto his shoulders while he eating the booty like groceries. Imagine feeling the slight prickle of his beard against your skin and pulling on his hair while his tongue licks all over your….

    Let me stop before I go too deep. Anywho I might get the 6S too, only cause I’m about to be due for an upgrade for my iphone. And only reason I got that one was cause it was free:)

  2. Everyone Apple fans in the foxhole? They’re so behind with technology, guess they’re trendy though.

    This happens to my friend so much, it’s funny as hell to me. She’s this really gorgeous vixen that was raised in the south, so she’s always polite and have manners, never stuck up. She’s polite to the point where it comes off as naturally flirty, so vixens always mean mugging tf out of her.

    1. Not this one! I avoid things marked “apple” like the plague. The only good thing about them is brand recognition.

      1. Same here tbw…I used to have a Zune HD player, and that thing lasted for years. I left it in a rental car while on vacation. I called like a day later to see if it was found when they cleaned the car, but the rep was like no. I know one of them bastards took it. LOL
        Anyways, I was looking to get another, but people were/are asking ridiculous prices on Ebay for it…so I broke down and bought an iPod. I hate the damn thing with a passion. That fucking thing deletes my music like crazy and it pisses me off to no end. I’ve lost hundreds of songs because that damn iTunes program and iPod take it upon themselves to delete my shit. NEVER had that problem with my Zune player. I really do not like Apple products. If I ever come across a reasonably priced Zune player again…it’s bye-bye iPod. Even though it gets no support! LOL

  3. Not to sound mean but i’m glad the wolf didn’t even try to look at you. Dude wasn’t stupid, he knows what he got is good. Lol you tried it though!!!! You better stop before you come up missing! This ain’t scandal!

  4. I hear y’all, but I wouldn’t act like that with mine. He knows what he has. Go ahead, look at him, look all you want, then look at me… then look at him, and do me a favor and look at me again. Yes, that’s me right there. He pretty ain’t he?

  5. I preordered mine. It’s still on back order though. And I also think that I would behave that way with my dude as well. God only knows how are it is to date far less get a wolf / fox in a city as big as NYC.

  6. Lol I swear Apple knows how to suck us iPhone users up.

    As for the hot wolf I would like to think if I had a wolf like that description I wouldn’t worry, but with so many thirst traps out here who knows?

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