He Looks Like He Don’t Play About His Wolf

angry-fox_620_2151231ahe looks feisty.
i could take him.
i think.
look a fox will fight tooth and nail over his wolf.
a wolf that is probably giving him the pipe right.
sadly i never meet a single wolf.

i always meet a taken wolf,
since i have “WHORE” written on my forehead…

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So This Is How “The Ugly Friend” Feels

large“the ugly friend”.
we have one.
we maybe one.
its usually a person who isn’t physically attractive.
they always tend to hang with a posse of good looking people.
they also can sometimes can be “the hater” within the group.
come “going out” time,
its usually the same story.
as their good looking counterparts are getting attention,
they are left to hold the drinks or be wait in the car.
i can see why the “the hater” tends to come out heavy.
well its funny how being discreet or dl can be similar to “the ugly friend”…
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Tami Roman’s Got An Alleged (Fine) Wolf Now

Screen Shot 2014-10-26 at 11.32.52 PMso tami roman has got a alleged wolf now.
the shade room debuted him on their instagram page…
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