Is Scott Gimple Trying To Catch These Paws? (The Walking Dead)

so i’m just gonna font it.

Due to a lot of my friends suggestions,
I started watching a show called “Once Upon A Time”

oh yes.
judge me if you must,
but that show is good.
i’m into it.
“luke cage”,
and “the gifted” are all on my “to-watch” lists.
i am pretty caught up on most of my shows:

hbo “ballers”

queen sugar

how to get away with murder

 i was sorta over “the walking dead” until recently.
i decided to tune in to catch up and i was drawn in again.
well i watched the mid season finale last night,
and this is gonna be spoiler heavy,

they killed carl!
i was devastated!
i ugly sobbed like a muthafucka.
we grew with that character as this show went on.
he was annoying af,
but i grew to appreciate him.
how they killed him was so wack too.
he randomly got bit off camera?
does gimple think we’re stupid out here?

i don’t know what bts antics was happening,
but they dropped the ball on such a big character’s death.

i don’t know where this show is gonna go now.
it almost feels over.
it has moments of greatness and those are far in between.
carl’s death could help push the story along,

Is it the start of the end?

at this point,
i only care about michonne and rick

…but the rest are doing so much dumb shit,
and the highly annoying (negan and eugene),
that i’m looking for a resolution.
andrew lincoln,
who plays rick,
is such a great actor that i’ll watch how he handles this.
he legit made me cry in this scene:

so i know he gonna make me bawl when it comes to carl.
michonne is gonna be a wreck too.

lowkey: i’m supposed to believe carl died the way he did?
the same carl who evolved into such leader?
i mean he survived these:

…but gimple gonna try to play me?

oh ok…

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

5 thoughts on “Is Scott Gimple Trying To Catch These Paws? (The Walking Dead)”

  1. I was happy as hell they killed him. I couldn’t stand that boy/character. I hope they kill Eugene next.
    Negan’s storyline is coming to an end, so expect them to either kill him off or send him off. His character doesn’t die in the comics though.

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