The Hand That Fed Them Is The Hand They’ll Maul (To Death)

i’m starting to think these dogs are high key dangerous.
i see them all the time in my hood and i go the other direction.
i mean,
i should!
from the amount of maulings of their owners these dogs do,
i’m surprised folks take chances in owning them.
a snow bunny was mauled by her pitbulls on thursday in va.
a f-bi sent me the story via richmond…

A 22-year-old Glen Allen woman was mauled to death in what the Goochland County sheriff described as a “grisly” scene.

Bethany Lynn Stephens’ body was discovered by Goochland deputies about 8:20 p.m. Thursday in a wooded area near the 2200 block of Manakin Road.

“(Her body) was being guarded by two very large, brindle-colored pit bull dogs,” Sheriff James L. Agnew said during a news conference Friday.

Agnew said the dogs were Stephens’ and that he suspected they had been bred for fighting.

Initial reports from the medical examiner’s office said Stephens — whom Agnew described as petite, 5-foot-1 and 125 pounds — had a cause of death “consistent with being mauled by these dogs.” She had defensive wounds on her hands and arms, and it appeared that she was alive when the animals attacked.

“The first traumatic injury to her was to her throat and face,” Agnew said, reading from the initial autopsy results. “It appears she was taken to the ground, lost consciousness, and the dogs then mauled her to death.”

It was not a homicide, Agnew said.

“It was an absolutely grisly mauling. In my nearly 40 years in law enforcement, I’ve never seen anything quite like it,” he said. “I hope I never see anything like it again.”

Stephens’ father had called the sheriff’s office after he hadn’t seen his daughter in a day.

While she had a Glen Allen address, Agnew said, Stephens grew up in Goochland and frequently walked the dogs in the wooded area where her body was found, which was near an old family farm.

Her father went looking for his daughter and encountered the dogs aggressively protecting the body.

Agnew said it took deputies hours to wrangle the dogs, which he estimated each weighed as much as Stephens. Henrico County Animal Control was called for assistance and provided tranquilizers to subdue the dogs. The scene was strewn with blood and articles of clothing.

Agnew said deputies spent eight hours collecting more than 60 pieces of evidence.

The dogs are being held at Goochland County Animal Control.

Agnew said they were seeking to have the animals euthanized.

that sounded absolutely horrific.
they was plotting heavy on her too.
she was allegedly a (check the flag):

…via ( x her facebook ).
even if she was a she hyena,
that is still a horrible way to die.
why were they protecting her body after they killed her?
why didn’t they run away into the wild afterwards?

like i fonted,
this isn’t the first story of a “pitbull gon’ demon”.
there are so many stories of them mauling their owners,
their owner’s cubs,
and randoms.
they are truly dangerous dogs that can go crazy at any given moment.
no matter how much you pamper them,
they’ll eventually turn on you.

lowkey: pitbulls seem like some two faced ass animals.

article cc: richmond

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

22 thoughts on “The Hand That Fed Them Is The Hand They’ll Maul (To Death)”

  1. I mean they were bred to kill I own two dogs and I u turn out the minute I come across one it’s not worth the trouble money And the grief if something were to happen

    Plus I see the some of the most unfit handlers of these animals

    you can definitely tell the character of a person by he training of there dog or pets
    its low key psychological sizing up

  2. You are sooo shady for posting the pictures of the dead victim with the Confederate Flag. I read this entry in horror, then scrolled down, got to the pictures, and turned away as if I had actually saw a ghost. Yikes.

  3. Put the dogs to sleep. Folks love pitbulls because they look stocky and for show. It’s common sign of status and power to posses a pit bull for. The nature of this animal is down to its breeding and rearing. Highly aggressive animals, and the owner of pitbulls will defend them because they love them of course and let everyone tell it, their pitbull is the sweetest thing on Earth. I’m being somewhat trollish since I don’t care for the breed but to be fair, they CAN be loyal. Any dog can bite but, often times, if dogs are bad, it’s because they have bad owners.

    Bad pitbulls are often sprouted from “bull”shit owners.

    Dobermans, Dalmatians, Rottweilers, and American Pitbulls can be very aggressive but you’d be surprised, it’s them lil bits that are mean as fawk.

    I still think Chihuahuas are the biggest assholes in the canine community.

    I prefer labs but I love terriers, but some can be aggressive but most terriers are hunting dogs so they have too be aggressive. They aren’t very tolerant of kids either.

  4. I had a pit and lab mix and I tell you my dog was a baby, always wanted me to pet and rub him, he slept in the bed and whines when left alone…when he ate he wanted you to sit beside him…. all of a sudden started growling for no reason and attacked my S/O for no reason. we had to put him to sleep

  5. I had a relative that used to love them. They had two. The first one turned. They believed it was their fault because they went away and left the dog in someone elses care. When they returned and took the dog home, everything was normal until a few days passed and the dog started following them and growled everytime they stopped moving. This went on for months until the dog progressed and almost attacked them. Needless to say they got rid of it but blamed themselves for the dog turning on them. The second one turned after five years. The dog attacked them when they were sleeping. They never got that breed again after that. I think they have a Rottweiler or a German Sheperd now. 7 years. No issues.

  6. @Jammy & Billy…those people (not the owners) had to have mistreated the dogs badly for the dogs to turn like that. To go from docile to aggressive is definitely a sign of mistreatment somewhere.
    I’ve heard owners say they can be the most docile animals, but I don’t trust animals. It’s inherent in them to revert to their natural state at some point (hunter/attacker). LOL

      1. Pit Bulls are temperamental by nature. Most kennel clubs don’t recommend you have them with other pets( they may kill them). They were bred as guard dogs and fight dogs before people came to America. Everyone(Settlers and British) wanted a dog with a good strong bite and that’s what they got.

        I read up on them because I was curious last time someone got attacked. They really don’t let go when they bite, it’s kindve interesting.

  7. I JUST read about this a few min ago, smdh…I’m so tired of hearing he’s here repeated tragic and totally avoidable stories, esp when they involve innocent children…and all these shit bull apologists/deniers of their INNATE brutality are jus utterly ridic and disgusting…this is a blog post I came across a while back and it’s so true and exactly how I feel about these errant beings…..actually, I probably shouldn’t label them as such b/c they’re not deviating from their natural course of INNATE behavior…

  8. I do not like Dogs and for the most part any animals but especially Dogs, I was attacked and mauled by one as a child and had to be rushed to the Emergency Room and it has left me traumatized to this day. Whether big or small I do not do dogs. When friends and family tell me they are harmless, I give them the side eye. I never trust something that will bite the hand that feeds them. I had a family member get mad at me when their dog came at me and I told them I would kick that mfukka in the throat, and that they better calm them down, needless to say I havent been back over there LOL. Poor Redneck Barbie got served, oh well……..

    1. Damn yikes! That would traumatize me too Tajan, I don’t blame you. I’ve never been attacked by an animal (thank God) but I’m already very wary of them. If that happened to me I wouldn’t entertain anyone’s dogs/pets. These people don’t think about what an experience like that would be like,especially as a child and how that would affect your perception of animals in general.

      I think people get carried away with this whole “my animal is my friend/family” thing. People need to respect the animal for being an animal, and respect its boundaries instead of trying to force the animal to adapt to their desire for it to be their puppets to play fetch and fill whatever voids they have in their lives. We have a cat (I didn’t agree to the cat being introduced to the family), and after I made the mistake of getting to close to her and jabbing my eye, I keep my distance. An animal is an animal. I love my pet,but as a pet/animal

    2. Dogs are like people. They can be good to you and loyal, until they decide to fuck up. And when they do, its when you least expecting it to happen. And when it does, its too late.

  9. Watch all the pit bull and Doberman lovers comes to those dogs defense. Fuck that whether those dogs are trained to be aggressive or not they can be very passive aggressive and violent.

  10. See this is why I like my lil b!t@# Cookie! Shes a poodle and a shih zhu. She is as mean as they come. She so mean I literally watch her scare big dogs away. She bite everyone that come in my house at least once. It’s how she says hello and when she don’t like me putting on her pajamas she bites me. She’s so mean and aggressive it’s almost scary. I get scared at night when i’m going to get water and turn around and she’s staring at me like a menacing killer. What I love the most about Cookie is the fact that she’s a bitch and I can toss or kick her lil a$$ if she try and bite me. That’s why I stay with small dogs don’t nobody got time for no large tiger looking animals in my house. I need nothing that’s almost as tall as me when you stand it up.

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