The Mixxy Males Are Always The Sexiest, Aren’t They?

mixxy – always in the mix; super social

it’s no secret that most gays are mixxy and on the scene.
since it’s such a small community,
we tend to be known even if we attend a few events.
i was talking to one of my favorite foxholers in my ig dms today.
he was showing me all of the sexy mixxy gays i’ve seen on ig.
most of them have a ton of followers,
and they’re always all over the place,
but i had to wonder

What’s the benefit of dating someone mixxy?


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The Mixxy of Deven?

someone sent me an email about ^this one.
so i’m not with the mixxy shits.
i never understood why alleged dl wolves hung with the mixxy messy crowd.
name in social media likes?
it seems like the easiest way for your business to be out there.
so like i fonted at the beginning,
an f-bi emailed me about a attentionisto named deven

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The Mixxy and The Bootiful

originali’m not a fan of “the mixxy wolf”.
nah not really.
now don’t get me wrong,
i love a wolf who likes to go out.
i also love an introverted wolf too.
nothing better than seeing ya wolf get dressed and turn his swagg on heavy.
what i don’t like is a wolf who can’t sit his ass down.
like he got jumpin beans in his drawz.
he has to be everywhere.
the muthafucka would put on his best outfit to watch grass grow.
is it just me?…
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