The Mixxy and The Bootiful

originali’m not a fan of “the mixxy wolf”.
nah not really.
now don’t get me wrong,
i love a wolf who likes to go out.
i also love an introverted wolf too.
nothing better than seeing ya wolf get dressed and turn his swagg on heavy.
what i don’t like is a wolf who can’t sit his ass down.
like he got jumpin beans in his drawz.
he has to be everywhere.
the muthafucka would put on his best outfit to watch grass grow.
is it just me?…

oh BTW:

mixxy (v) – in the mix

the mixxy is all over instagram.
he was in that “tiddies” entry yesterday.
they are shiny and sexy.
something that you would like to play with.
you go to an event and they happen to be there.
you’re witnessing a mixxy in the flesh.
you want to get close.
breathe in the same air as they do.
take them home and add them to your trophy case.

standard_TrophyCase-thumb-594x360-25102 i usually judge the mixxy in 3 ways:

rich parents – no job,
so they can afford to be out until 7am.
this also means they are lazy or nepotism shines bright

industry heads – a legit career,
aspiring career,
or wannabe career in the industry.

drug dealers/swipers – they don’t need a job.
they out here stealing people credit card info to pay their bills.

they always got some “talent” or “some job in entertainment”.
let them tell it they’re at these events to get “put on”.
the problem with these people are they only deal with other mixxy people.
someone who has no connects can’t get close to the mixxy.
funny enough,
they got all these same connects and haven’t been put on yet.
all that fuckin’ and suckin’ and no record deal or movie contract.
it always leads to nowhere.
a bunch of instagram likes and some ass off their name.

tumblr_mkuowiKDB41qmp0v1o1_500 tumblr_mkuowiKDB41qmp0v1o2_500real people who trying to go real places aren’t mixxy.
the celebs you see now were dorks actually.
a majority of them were not the popular kids.
they pick and chose where they went.
hell some didn’t even get invites.
they were in the studio,
on the court,
or getting their hustle on in whatever way possible.
i maybe a little office worker now,
but who knows where my life will take me.
i am pretty focused on this path i am on.
in a world where everyone is an open book,
its more appealing to be the mystery.
the underdog who goes undetected.
the person you see at an event who looks good and only talks to certain people.
after 15 minutes,
he is out the door.
“who was that?”
“i see him sometimes,
but i dunno…”
i find those people tend to go much farther than the mixxy socialite.
i could be wrong tho.


2 thoughts on “The Mixxy and The Bootiful

  1. That is so true. People that have to be everywhere and be seen by everyone is not appealing. I’ve always been the type that would only go out if it was a special occasion. Other than that, I’m in the house or somewhere where the scene is not overcrowded.

    1. I’m the same. I like to keep a low profile and only surround myself with a few close people.

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