The Mixxy Males Are Always The Sexiest, Aren’t They?

mixxy – always in the mix; super social

it’s no secret that most gays are mixxy and on the scene.
since it’s such a small community,
we tend to be known even if we attend a few events.
i was talking to one of my favorite foxholers in my ig dms today.
he was showing me all of the sexy mixxy gays i’ve seen on ig.
most of them have a ton of followers,
and they’re always all over the place,
but i had to wonder

What’s the benefit of dating someone mixxy?


there was a time i was mixxy lite.
i was everywhere,
but i was the new kid.
it was with the straights,
but it isn’t really too different.
same actions; different sexuality.
i noticed that folks secretly didn’t really like each other.
there was a lot of jealousy,
and fuckin’ each others left overs.
that’s one thing about being mixxy.
folks was fuckin their “friend’s” ex/fwb on the low.

there was some wolves i saw that i was sure got down,
but after a while,
they turned out to be real messy.
how did one of the vixen’s gay bff know one smashed a trans-vixen on the low?
why do we know you be credit card scamming out in these forests?
all of it showed that even though some of the males were sexy af,
they were #teamtoomuch with all the drama too.

i had my beefs,
but i managed to get out without any drama.
it’s a damn soap opera/reality show in the mixxy crowd.
dating drama is splashed all over the headlines of social media.
as i was thinking about it today,
the mixxy only have two uses for me:

1) they know where all the parties are at
2) when i want to turn up

i like to know people,
but i like to not know them either.
its like dealing with a celebrity.
you can chill with them,
but you know when to vanish and give space.

i post a lot of mixxy gays,
but i’m starting to realize that we aren’t compatible.
i’m definitely outside the club in their world.
they are way too known for mine.
we could be cool,
and i may roll to an event or two,

but to date?
to fuck?

i’d rather anyone i mess with be:

slight nerd qualities

i’ll always find mixxy males sexy,
but i realize it wouldn’t be a good relationship.

Is that wrong?

5 thoughts on “The Mixxy Males Are Always The Sexiest, Aren’t They?

  1. I’m typically leery of the Mindy types. Maybe because I’m more of an introverted nerd type than a party/club gay. They epitomize all that glitters is not gold because for all their social capital they still go thru all the same drama as the rest of us if not more because they’re known. Sometimes I feel I miss out on a lot because I don’t get invited to all the kickbacks and club nights. But then dudes will tell me I’m better off because the drama and foolishness is too much.

    1. According to the Urban Dictionary. Mixxy.
      Mixxy- One who is always in the “mixx” ; Always on the scene; Super social and always around the action/drama.

      I had to look it up myself, because I never heard of the word myself.

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