Issa Rae and Michael B Jordan Do “Actors On Actors”

i was wondering what ^this shoot was about too.
they look so cute together.
i’ve been meaning to watch this “actors on actors” interview.
you know i love issa rae and i love michael b jordan and his bawdy.
so i got around to watching it last night and…

before i get into it,
can we have a brief moment to admire:

i’m together now.
i just don’t understand how folks not finding him attractive.
i think he is so handsome.

more eye candy for me!
i really enjoyed that interview tho.
they dropped some serious gems within it.
i appreciate how they provide jobs for creatives of color.
we don’t have many opportunities within hollywood,
so it’s good when anyone wants to give back.
i also loved what they were saying about social media.
celebrities are way too accessible nowadays.
i purposely ignore my favs so i don’t get sick of them.
besides michael’s alleged dating preferences,
they are pretty low key and unproblematic.
i’ll continue to allow them both.

lowkey: i’d LOVE to work with issa on a project.
i can just imagine what magic would be creative.
speaking of issa…

set your calendars because we in there.
i cannot wait.

7 thoughts on “Issa Rae and Michael B Jordan Do “Actors On Actors”

  1. I was eating a banana and peachthis morning because I enjoy the sweetness of youth and vitality when InstummI s upon this post.

    Issa is super adorable. MBJ on the other hand….[keeps comments to myself].

    I know other folks will say, you love who you love but I find the comment above about him having a table full of white women to be an eyeroll.

    I just so happen to run across another black male who is a pornstar [his name goes here] who I added because; I’m working on my annoyance with straight men, and also because I like his chocolate skin but every one of his posts is about how beautiful white women are and how he can’t take his eyes off of them. Every post. It makes me wonder if them worshipping whiteness is a part of their contracts..[insert oops here].

    I don’t find white women detestable or anything but the whole white men and women with blonde hair and blue eyes are the epitome of beauty is meh.

    Black women, Latinas and Asian women dance circles over the Baywatch babe trope any day.

    Back to the adorable Issa…any word on that series she said she was making about a bisexual black man and his dating woes?

  2. They would make such a nice couple but we all know Michael wouldn’t touch a black girl with gloves on. I was watching the MTV Movie awards tonight, he and his best friend from that MTV show had an entire table full of nothing but white girls…smh

  3. They honestly do make a good couple. They look so cute together. Jamari, I’m thinking about starting a blog and I wanted to know if I can pick your brain. lol
    Thanks in advance.

  4. Yes, that 11 sec clip got me melting already and got me feeling im actually in the room.

  5. In the last two years I have become a fan of these two beautiful talented individuals. I don’t know if you’ll have seen the show Giants on Issa Rae YouTube channel, but it’s a very amazing show with great acting, and very good eye candy. I binged watched this weekend and was amazed by it. I hope it’s the next show that makes it to TV, I think it has the potential too.

    1. I love Giants especially the relationship between the gay and straight characters,IDK their names offhand.I watched both seasons over one weekend.

  6. Love Issa Rae but I just don’t get the attraction and hype surrounding Michael B. Jordan. Everytime I look at his mug I see a Goat, Lamb or Sheep related animal. I’m sure he’s a nice guy but he does nuffin for me. To each his own..

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