Tyler Perry Gives A Foxhole Fav His Acting Debut (Nobody’s Fool)

ever since i stopped watching “haves and have nots”,
i haven’t seen tika sumpter in a long time.
i think she is an amazing actress.
well tyler perry wants us to reunite,
as well as me with his productions,
with his new movie he has coming out.
he has a foxhole fav making his acting debut as well.
check the trailer to see who i’m talmbout…

tiffany haddish is becoming like kevin hart to me.
small doses.
i’m glad to see amber riley outside of glee too.
i like her as well.
the foxhole fav isn’t omari hardwick,
even though i lust him heavy too.

adrain conrad and he’s definitely who i’m trying to see.

hopefully he has some kind of acting talent,
but do we really need him to talk tho?
i mean…

he could just stand there and i’d be okay with that.
tyler always cums through with the good eye candy.
i’ll make sure to check this one out.
tyler: can i get a movie screening pass?
“nobody’s fool” hits theaters this fall.

lowkey: how is “hahn” going?
anyone still watch?

21 thoughts on “Tyler Perry Gives A Foxhole Fav His Acting Debut (Nobody’s Fool)

  1. Marvin Bienaime gave Adrian a shoutout to further drive the agenda of his salacious posts ( I don’t mind more eye candy). But according to the comments we may not hear much of Adrian in the movie, as he is not even credited in the cast allegedly 🙁

  2. I was eating mild salsa and cheese blended with ground turkey over Tostitos chips because a lil spice in your life never hurt when I stumbled upon this post.

    Foxhole fav? I don’t even know who he is. Perhaps, I commented on him before and forgot.

    Anywho, if he did do something to get a part, I wouldn’t be surprised. A lot of folksffolks av muscians can fall in that category too.

    Tyler Perry should consider producing a new season of the DL Chronicles. He’d be an ace at casting actors.

    It’d be eyecady galore for the homos.

  3. I can’t believe there are no nudes of Adrian Conrad floating on the innanetz after all these years.

    Anyhoo, As for the movie, it’s looks low rent as usual. Who wants to see a movie about Catfish? Is that still a thing in 2018? I like Tiffany though, she has an endearing quality to her. Tiki Sumpter is a class act but I see her hair stylist is still struggling to find the right wig/hairstyle for her.

  4. Looks like Adrian finally sucked on the right dick and now he’s in a movie. He’s been a “pass around patty” for Hollywood execs and business men for a long time so its not surprising he finally found his way to Tyler Perry Studios..but hey work aint easy but it pays the bills..

    1. ^ LMAO this was hilarious.. At least give us receipts and don’t leave us hanging, we wanna know too!

    2. @ caz

      Do you have any receipts for the bombshells concerning Adrain? 😆
      And do you have any tea on Matt Cook? The innanetz are saying he’s a male escort for wealthy industry men. NBA owners, movie moguls, professional athletes, closeted actors. He’s always taking photos in expensive hotels with designer shopping bags, yet he only has one credit on IMBd which means he can’t possibly afford the lifestyle he’s fronting on Instagram without some major benefactors.

      I’m just asking questions 😗

    3. First of all you have no right talking about my cousin Adrian like that. You are spreading lies & none of what you are posting about is True. You’re jealous and you know it. Just because he’s BEAUTIFUL DOESN’T give u the right to publicly lie on my family you fucking player hating asshole!!!!!!

  5. I actually like Tiffany but I don’t think shes a good comedian. I thinks shes a funny actress but not a funny comedian. The only issue I had with GirlsTrip is that it was a blatant rip off of bridesmaids. Judging from trailor this will probably a redbox movie for me.

  6. Being unapologetically black is in right now. I don’t like how she’s acting thirsty and oversexualized lately. She’s always funny in her movies.

    We might have to run this ”foxhole fav’ vote back, it’s a go with Omari

  7. Who put that wig on Whoppi is WRONG FOR THAT! It’s giving me “Holiday I got the bike!” vibes. But I still wanna go see it.

  8. Tyler Perry not putting his name in the title? Something must be wrong with it.

    Back to TP putting them fine wolves in his picture… why hasn’t he been caught up in #metoo ?… There was that one time though…

  9. Damn lol I must be the only one who doesn’t have a problem with Tiffany Haddish 😂 it seems like everyone doesn’t like her now. Which is funny because I remember after girls trip was released everybody was on her bandwagon and she hasn’t changed one bit so I’m trying to see what went wrong here. Sure she’s extra and stuff but that’s her shtick. It’s what makes her brand. I guess I’m just happy to see a fellow sister doing good for herself after her rough upbringing.

    I guess is true what they say, first they love you and then they hate you and then they love you again. Meek Mill just went through that. Loved in the beginning, hated during his Drake feud and loved again after his prison stint. Humans sure are fickle.

    1. ^wasn’t a fan of meek then and now.
      that never changed with me.

      tiffany is the hood friend you call only when you want to turn up.
      she is cool,
      and i loved her in “girl’s trip”,
      but small doses with her.

      1. My point is that Tiffany was always like that. During the Girls. Trip era, people were saying how much they like her and spoke so highly of her and her “promising career”.

        Now that she’s been to the Oscars, Golden Globes and pseudo elitist Hollywood spaces, people have started jumping on the bandwagon to trash her animated personality as if its something new. Case in point, people celebrate your come up until you’ve actually made it. I see others doing it to Cardi B now.

        We all knew Tiffany was like this from the jump, its nothing new. I don’t know why folks like to act brand new when it comes to this.

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