Tyler Perry Gives A Foxhole Fav His Acting Debut (Nobody’s Fool)

ever since i stopped watching “haves and have nots”,
i haven’t seen tika sumpter in a long time.
i think she is an amazing actress.
well tyler perry wants us to reunite,
as well as me with his productions,
with his new movie he has coming out.
he has a foxhole fav making his acting debut as well.
check the trailer to see who i’m talmbout…
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Tyler Lepley Can Have All My “Haves” and “Yes You Can”

-8i have been ignoring tyler perry since temptation.
he know he was wrong for wasting my time like that.
i saw this wolf on tumblr and added him to my mental “to do” list.
i got an email from an f-bi alerting me as to who he is.
who knew he was in that new show “haves and have nots”?
a tyler perry production im suddenly motivated to check out…

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Whitney Gets To Celebrate Finally

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EOjAaBHvrqg&w=560&h=315]

Whitney recorded this song with Jordin Sparks before she died.
The track is called “Celebrate“, and it will be featured on the Sparkle soundtrack…

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