Jason Derulo Has A Leather Fetish

Because this makes NO sense…

And he wore this in NY?
Hot ass NY?
What gives Jason?

I seriously can’t get into him.
He makes my head hurt.
Not to mention he is lamecentral.org.
But he has the snow bunnies WHIPPED so he must be doing something right…


On lighter news…

Tika Sumpter looks BEAUTIFUL.
I been following her since she busted on the scene on Gossip Girl.
She is a stunner.
Still trying to figure out why she is hanging with a lame…
… I suspect this is a paid gig.


How about a shout out to the Foxhole?!

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17 thoughts on “Jason Derulo Has A Leather Fetish”

  1. Wait a minute, i think its a cute outfit. He seems like a really nice person. Talented for sure. Would i date him? I dunno, maybe. He’s a really cute butch queen, can’t say he isnt.

    Tika got that expensive remy sew-in though! She bought that by the pound NOT by the inch.

    1. I was wondering if I was the only one who thought he was cute. lol

      What is a butch queen exactly though?

  2. Tika told me on Twitter to be nice to him so I will.
    I just won’t be nice to that outfit tho!

    (sorry Tika lol)

    and good video Vain.
    That explained a lot.

    Now can butch queens be Wolves?
    Or, are they only Foxes?

    1. They can be wolves or foxes or hybrids. Its really about what you give. Butch queens are like your clockable homosexual who isn’t on the cunt or trade sides of the spectrum. Many people who use the term “pretty boys” are often describing butch queens who are on the more polished sides of things.

  3. Never heard of either one of them. He has the snow bunnies screaming? The outfit…The tat…Those 3 things tell me his music is along the lines of Lenny K? I feel so out of touch…Oh well. She’s cute. He looks like he looks aiight at certain angles when the light hits him rigt…

    1. But why is he talking about butch queens like he isn’t one? lolol

      Good explanation, though.

      1. Dear YngBlkWolf,

        Get outta my head! I like him but he fits the butch queen criteria to the t!


  4. the only good thing jason derulo has done is take that nude pic of his from the side..now that was a valuable contribution!!!!lol

  5. Loved Tika since she was on One Life to Live. She rocks. Love her noe even mpre on Gossip Girl. The dude should be ignored.

  6. heard he has a really bad acne problem…make-up is like his bestfriend i guess. the outfit is okay just not for NY is the summer…

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