Antoine Dodson Fucks His Family

Antoine is a tricky character… 


At one side of me, I feel sorry for him.
He is the perfect example from nothing to something.
I am glad he was able to turn a bad situation around for the better…


He annoys me for some reason.
Did he really have to make a video airing out his family’s drama? 
I thought this one’s 15 minutes of fame was up?
Are we really trying to add another minute to a dying clock?

I still remember this…


(((wipes mouth))) DO. NOT. WANT.

This dude needs to turn off the web cam and sit down somewhere.
I know he wants to make “it” happen but his role was last year.
We are in a new year with a new “star”.

I blame Kim Kardashian.
She gave 15 minutes new hope. 

4 thoughts on “Antoine Dodson Fucks His Family

  1. Even when he did have his 15 minutes he annoyed me. He’s like herpes, as soon as it goes away for a bit it flares up again.

  2. His Jamari. The inside of this mans mouth, I think it’s his gums, makes my hemroids flare 🙁 can I get the cliffs notes version of what he says so I don’t halfta click? Thanx 🙂

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