Antoine Dodson Updates The Foxhole (and The World)

antoine-dodsonyou know the foxhole is getting deeper when people are addressing my posts.
so while i was at the dermatologist today,
my phone alerted me i had a message on twitter.
when i looked,
it was antoine dodson.
he hit me up about what i posted the other day.
you know ( x this one ).
well this is what he said to me…
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Antoine Dodson Sends Pipe Pics First; Business Last?

uptown_antoine_dodson_2014antoine dodson maybe one of “us” again.
well before you giggle uncontrollably,
he was trying his best to be straight again.
you know was trying to impress us with the cub and the new boxing career.
well it seems he got caught up recently sending out his pipe pics.
i know.
i know.
i just ate a pizza.
one of my favorite vix-bi sent me this alleged story from mto…
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Antoine Dodson Finally Gets His Load Dropped

BoGcnoMCUAEN1lssuper duper straight and religious antoine dodson,
and someone clearly not who i was told was ( x the baby mama ),
finally had his baby.
it felt like years since he got this chick inflated,
didn’t it?

anyway the baby is cute,
and here to enjoy his his new found straightness.
not much left to say on this one.

Antoine Dodson Is Living A Hard “Straight” Life

antoine dodson slowjaman f-bi just sent me this video of antoine dodson having a potential nervous breakdown.
in this strange video,
he starts talking to god and then breaks down in tears.
i guess being “straight” isn’t all it was cracked up to be?…
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Antoine Dodson is Single and Also Catches Tyler Perry’s Eye


Screen Shot 2013-11-03 at 11.41.54 PMwell he put on his “wolf” costume really quick.
does it look like it fits?
well antoine dodson is officially on the market.
that’s right vixens!
he is single and ready to mingle.
anyway he just announced his break up yesterday on his facebook
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Everyone Meet Antoine Dodson Alleged Baby Mama

Oxygen Network's "All About Aubrey" Series Premiere Partyi have been wanting to see antoine dodson’s baby mama.
i’m curious as to what this sucker attention whore blind woman vixen looks like.
well a f-bi sent me her picture and well…
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