Antoine Dodson Updates The Foxhole (and The World)

antoine-dodsonyou know the foxhole is getting deeper when people are addressing my posts.
so while i was at the dermatologist today,
my phone alerted me i had a message on twitter.
when i looked,
it was antoine dodson.
he hit me up about what i posted the other day.
you know ( x this one ).
well this is what he said to me…

ANTOINETWEETpondering-and-thinking-smiley-emoticonwell nice of you to clear that up ad!

Author: jamari fox

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11 thoughts on “Antoine Dodson Updates The Foxhole (and The World)

  1. Soooooo he comes at you when MTO had it up first. Scratches head ………………………… Um ok what’s the next step? Smh

  2. You should have questioned him in detail. What’s not true? Is that him in the picture? Is that his dick? When was the picture taken? When did he last have sexual relations with men? Is is true in any way, shape form or fashion that he was within the last six months or year have any conversation with any man about dating, sex, etc?

  3. So, even tho the picture clearly had the MTO watermark, he decides to reach out to you and not them. I mean if he’s been “delivert” why is he trolling a website primarily directed towards gay men? Girl, go somewhere and have a snack and a seat.

  4. ma this story has more holes than fishnet stockings…i believe it but i was one of the few that actually didn’t click to see the uncut pics…i had to pass i want to remember just how i was introduced to him ‘hide ya kids hide ya wife” lol

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