Nicki Minaj Has A New (Alleged) (Vintage) Penis

so nicki minaj wants you to keep all the attention on her.
that’s it.
look at no one else.
she may have a new alleged penis on her 2017 itinerary.
it might be a huge upgrade from the one attached to meek mill.
check who it might be…
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Antoine Dodson Updates The Foxhole (and The World)

antoine-dodsonyou know the foxhole is getting deeper when people are addressing my posts.
so while i was at the dermatologist today,
my phone alerted me i had a message on twitter.
when i looked,
it was antoine dodson.
he hit me up about what i posted the other day.
you know ( x this one ).
well this is what he said to me…
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Chris Breezy: On The Fox Home Teamy?

I just got in the house after a Fox sent me this in email…
and it was like peeeeewwwwwnnnnnn…..


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