Chris Breezy: On The Fox Home Teamy?

I just got in the house after a Fox sent me this in email…
and it was like peeeeewwwwwnnnnnn…..




I had to get that out the way first and foremost.

I’m tipsy as hell but I’m sober for this…

I hope he doesn’t sound like that forreal.

That is my first complaint.

And what is up with this “Chris aint gay. I ain’t gay” shit?
Well hell, they bi.
He said I ain’t gay cause he has two kids.
That HAS stopped countless DL Wolves before from taking trips into Foxholes.


And why is he dedicating that to Rihanna?

I guess it is safe to say all the boys and girls are experimenting these days.

Sounds like someone got dumped and now he is kissin -n- tellin’.
So now that certain someone looking like a bitch ass ni….
I need these DL celebs to start handing out con-fuck-dentiality agreements.

“If you want this meat,

you gotta sign this sheet…”

Real talk.

I guess Eddie Long-Stroke will have a publicity break…
Because Breezy on Home Teamy is now the top story.

I can’t guage is it is real but
it sure made for an exciting entry.


your publicity team is working overtime to get you in a scandal.
The Kim Kardashian rumor didn’t work out,
so you gotta move into gay territory.
If this doesn’t work,
you maybe out the publicity game
and may actually have to make some good ass music.

But not mad at ya for trying…

Stay tuned…

BTW: Didn’t that dude sound like Kevin Hart?
Or, was that just my Fox ears intoxicated too?

Fuck it.
I’m going to bed.

10 thoughts on “Chris Breezy: On The Fox Home Teamy?

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  2. Yeah….”Chris aint gay..I aint gay…what we did was our business”

    Then Bitch ass why are you on here doin this shit if it isnt no one business….He needs some BEAT BRUTALITY….fuck his ass up whoever he is….dude need to get a life shit…makin it hard for the decent foxes!

    and hello…kids dont make you any less gay than me!

  3. Hi, Steven here. There is reason to suspect that your blog will become very popular if it’s not already… I’m pretty good at spotting an up and coming blog, since I’ve worked in this area for a while and I think that if you keep at it you’ll definitely start seeing a lot of visitors and potentially income from your blog, keep it up!

  4. LOL seriously? We all know that Breezy (and every other male in the R&B game) likes to take a trip to the ‘Fox Hole’.

    “Chris aint gay…I aint gay”
    Bitch please…

    And he started soundin real THIRSTY at the end. Silly hoes…

  5. Boy Stop. Why this bitch all in the shadows, but didn’t disguise his voice? Where they do that at? Messy hoes don’t care. If there ain’t no footage or photos it didn’t happen.

    These hyenas need to quit. Need to take his ass back to Wondaland, knowing he with the Lollipop Guild. DL-discreet dudes usually know who to pick; it’s always the reckless hoes who mess it up—the ones claimin to be discreet but they droppin tapes like Bin Laden. Stunts & Shows.

    1. Hyenas?

      I like that one alllloooottttt. Thank you for spittin that one up in your tongue lashin’.

      Foxes and Wolves DO NOT associate with the Hyenas. They are just laughing stocks and nothing to be taken seriously.

      Congratulations. You helped create a new title to give messy type nikkas.

  6. As much as I’m not a fan of Chris(tina), I’m not going to entertain this as fact. Why come out with this now? What do you get out of it? Not trying to get famous… but you put it on a Blog just to tell Rihanna you’re sorry? Please. I don’t understand these types of people. If anything, he was a groupie and maybe got next to her like ONCE.

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