WOLF MEAT: (336)

1108667_apple_heart_3you ever see something so juicy
you just wanted to take a bite out of it?
well this reminds me of those moments…

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I Was Your Lover and Your Secretary, Working Every Day of the Week…

First off: I want to thank EVERY person who left me love.
All your comments and all your emails.

It made me cry by all the love I was getting.
You came through for me
when I actually hit the floor and for that,
I am really appreciative.


I was getting comfortable.

I will admit that I was getting “stuck”.
“He” was my one and only and helped provide me with nice things.
I was there for him and always had his back.
I did my job to make sure things went smooth and to receive love.
Who would have known that he wouldn’t recognize that and throw me to the side for a new “bitch”.
I almost felt like how Angela Bassett did in Waiting To Exhale.




I feel you Angela.
I feel you. 

Yesterday felt surreal.
Now that I am in my right mind…

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You Ain’t Nothing But A Big Fat Bully… so There!

“UM, SAY WHAT????”

We have all had the moments.
Someone says something to us and we are ready to knock their heads right off their shoulders.
The older I get, I realize that people are really shady.
They are not nice and will try to treat you like shit.
It use to bother me until I learned how to skillfully be nice/nasty.
So I had to ask you, my reader…

How much bullshit do you tolerate?

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I Want U To Cum Over…

i know 1 thing, i was horny as shit.

and all i could think about was texting him and letting him know that.
the club had a lot of sexy niggaz,
I was damn near drunk,
and I wanted his pipe inside me.

sounds like a logic reason, right?

“wyd?” i texted….

i started to reminisce on the last time he blew my back out….

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Cum Inside Jamari… Literally

Can I tell you a freaky little secret that I have?

Well, you know I am not shy about sharing my secrets.

My goal is to be with something big.
I want that BIG love.
I want to travel with my Wolf, grow with my Wolf, and both learn about each other in many ways.
I want to fight with him, get tired of him, and still want to be with him after it is all said and done.
I want him to be sick of me, put me in my place, but in the end, he will still respect me and cum right back.

… I also want to have an out of this world sex life with this Wolf.
I mean, we GET IT IN.

He knows I am a freak and he could either be one or not, but he is open to learn.
Since I love toys and other sexual treats, I want us to always to make sure our sex life is BOOMING.
When I tell Star Fox about our sex life, I want him to hi5 me everytime I tell him what freaky thing we done did.

Well this is where my secret comes in…

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Chris Breezy: On The Fox Home Teamy?

I just got in the house after a Fox sent me this in email…
and it was like peeeeewwwwwnnnnnn…..


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