I Want U To Cum Over…

i know 1 thing, i was horny as shit.

and all i could think about was texting him and letting him know that.
the club had a lot of sexy niggaz,
I was damn near drunk,
and I wanted his pipe inside me.

sounds like a logic reason, right?

“wyd?” i texted….

i started to reminisce on the last time he blew my back out….

it was a couple weeks ago on some sheets at the W.
he to’ my ass up and i could not get enough.
i wanted to fuck him over and over that night.
every time i see his face and his body, i get instantly turned on.

anytime i think about him, i am ready to… fuck.

nothin. layin in bed. wyd?”  he replied.
“i want u”
“oh yeah?”
“where u at?”
“in a cab on the way to my crib”

see my wolf aint like any other wolf.
he aint no wolf in the hood or some 9 to 5 joint.
naw, he a somebody and you can’t always fuck somebodies when you want.
especially when those somebodies have practice the next morning.

“i wish you could cum and fuck me right now.”
“you know i wish i could…”
“you miss me?”

i started thinking about when he was on top of me.
he had that steady stroke going in.
i was on my back; he was ontop of me.
he had his arms wrapped around me and was whispering if i missed him in my ear.
every time i moaned, he fucked me harder.
every time i said yes, he grinded his dick in me deeper.
i busted a serious nut just off that alone.

“i’m jerking off right now thinking about you.”
“oh yea?”
“uh huh…”
“what you thinking about?”
“your dick lol”
“lol is he being punishing your bad azz?”

my cab driver was listening and singing along to oldies.
african; he had no clue what i was doing.

“ima come scoop you next week.”
“you better.”
“yeah i want to see you real bad.”
“you will trust”
“aight cool…”

i stopped jerking off as we pulled up to my building.
i wish i was driving up to his building but hey, a kept fox knows the rules…

Written By Jamari Fox
(C) 11.18.11 3:40am

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