That Pesky 4 Letter Word


…or something like it.

I was talking to Miss Fox last night
and we were discussing love and all the jazz.
It seems like we both are single Foxes this season.
It sucks to be honest.
With these holidays coming up and these cold nights,
you want to have someone keep you warm.
Shit, what about that present to unwrap and Merry Christmas sex?

The homie Star Fox is slowly treading back to his Wolf of 8 years.

I remember being there to be his shoulder to cry on.
They separated and went about to live life.
They dated other people but they still thought about each other.
Now they have found each other again and I’ll admit, I’m a little jealous.
He is kinda envious over my career advances…
and I’m jealous he has someone in his life.

I often wonder why that luck isn’t happening to me.

There is only one Wolf I would even consider
but I don’t even think he knows I, or this blog, exist.
He just the ultimate fantasy to a day dreaming Fox like myself.

I will say this….

Everything I have wanted,
I have received somehow or some way.
I may have needed patience but,
I received my abundance.
Not so much love,
but with career or material gadgets that keep me looking and feeling great.

Something tells me that love (or something like it)
is around the corner.

God is telling me so.
Faith is telling me so.
Luck is telling me so.

I feel it is right underneath my nose.
Maybe even your nose…

Stay Tuned.

12 thoughts on “That Pesky 4 Letter Word

  1. I would be inclined to agree with UrSoVain, but I think that Star Fox and his boo could have a fighting chance if there has been growth and maturation on both their parts.

    As far as that pesky four letter word, it’s just a secondhand emotion as far as I’m concerned. Gimme gadgets and a bangin’ career any day lol. However, I am rooting for you, Jamari, and I think that you will find someone that will make you forget all these jacked-up jackals, homely hyenas and sorry cerberuses.

    1. Dont worry sweety, it could happen for you too moody. just keep hope alive….material things never fulfill long before the new thing comes out and ure chasing that….leaving ur previous gadget obsession lying in a dresser drawer somewhere lonely with no batteries.

  2. Whe it comes to Star Fox going back to his previous flame, i don’t know if i believe in that. Based on the circumstances, if it ended… it was probably for good reason. Going backwards is usually because you’re lonely and chasing a feel not necessarily going back to the PERSON his ex is. But more power to him.

    And I’m pulling for you too.. as well as myself and all of the foxes out there lookin’ for love. It all seems like it happens at random. As if looking for it is the wrong thing to do even though we usually employ that method for the things we really want. You have to win the relationship lotto or something to find a good one. I don’t know anyone in my circle who’s in one of those very serious loving relationships… but… it doesn’t mean it can’t happen.

  3. he will appear when you least expect it or you might have to move to Buffalo or you are young …….. so by the time you hit the big 30 he will be ready to retire and settle down

  4. I think that we are all pulling for you, Jamari. Your heart is in the right place, and you bring a touch of class to your Wolf Hunt. And, of course, you also bring the Humor-which is why we keep reading!

  5. I hear you, but I can’t quite co-sign just yet. Maybe you got the Hump Day Blues? Good dyck won’t pay the bills, nor can you deep throat your direct deposit checks so just keep hope alive. When the right wolf comes along you’ll know. They probably puttin in work just like you in this very moment.

    I can’t co-sign on the love part because I’m tryna stop my ninjas-ain’t-shit tour but these dudes keep failing to prove they are the shit, at least tryna have some shit.

    Falling in love with a hyena, jackal, or cerberus will hurt your heart and mess up your credit.

    1. @ICeeDedPpl

      Your comment is full of WIN! LOL!


      Don’t ever settle and be happy for all the other great things in your life. I’m trying to follow that message too…

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