The Messology of Eddie Long-Stroke

So I must say….

Eddie Long-Stroke has good taste in Wolves… or are these Foxes?


They rolled up on him outside Kroger.

Back to topic,
I’m talking about these dude’s after scandal.
Jamal is cute and I dare you to say that he isn’t.
All of the victims of his Pimp N Ho Congregation are good looking.
Some more obviously gay than others, judging from some pictures.

You see his hand gripping Coyote’s shoulder?

Are there any more contestants I missed?????

But that is what happens when you are an old Coyote on the prowl.
An old Coyote with POWER.
Money can get you ANYTHING you desire.
Since you do not have your youth to back you up anymore, you only have money and gifts.


Now my question is: who was doing the fucking?
Then again,
they were calling him Daddy.
I call all my Wolves “Daddy”.
So… I guess I answered my own question.

I know they must be telling the truth because to attach your name to that big fat lacefront wearing man, beatin ya guts in, is social suicide.

To find out they were lying would be sad… and a few reputations would be ruined. Long Stroke still would not be able to live it down and they will be at gay clubs fitting nicely into their new identities.

This story gets more interesting as it goes on.

But something gets me….
He said:

“I cannot get the sound of his voice out of my head, I cannot forget the smell of his cologne and I cannot forget the way that he made me cry many nights when I drove in his cars on the way home,” Jamal Parris, 23, told a WAGA reporter who traveled to Colorado to interview him.

Something is… odd about that.
Maybe it is my Fox sense sniffin….

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Stay tuned Foxes and Wolves….

13 thoughts on “The Messology of Eddie Long-Stroke

  1. Sooo… I just got done watching a video of long-stoke addressing the “situation” to his followers. I’m livid. I don’t quite know what it is, but something in my whole being just says that this man is lying. I saw some of yhe photos he sent his former buddy as well. The nigga is half naked!!! What business on this green Earht would a bishop have with a young male to be sendin him half naked pics!!…
    I guess I’m personally hurt by it.. I mean, there is so much talk about the “sanctity” of this and that, what is and isn’t an obomnition to God, and then you realize shit like this is goin down. Meanwhile the first and so far only man I’ve ever loved doesn’t even see something like marriage being possible for us specifically because of his religion… I’m only 19yo, so I knw I have plenty of growing and experience ahead of me and there is indeed hella shit I don’t understand about people, my fellow foxes and wolves, hell even myself. But I do feel I knw bull when I smell it…

    By the way, J.Fox, I freakin love you! I found your blog on accident almost 2weeks ago and have been hooked ever since. Thank you so much for your insight… and hot pics =P lol

    1. His followers make me sick. So blind by a man who is leading them into destruction. Plus, I would not be support any man who will not let me drive the Bentley I helped put a down payment on.

      And thank you so much for reading. Make yourself at home and stay tuned!

  2. Bishop Edith Long (LOL) has yet to flat out deny it, dancing around with words and ridiculous one-liners! I was done with her back in 2005 when she profited (in millions) from a charity that she established to help others, what kind of ish is that? SMH

    I am glad they finally came out and told, you have to understand the way a predator works, they gain your trust first, that is how they are able to manipulate a person and their position/role in their lives. I was convinced when I read Jamal’s facebook message that was recorded over a year ago, that’s historic, you can’t deny that! Bishop Edith will have her day!

  3. I also noticed that Long-Stroke seems to have good taste in young men as far as looks go. It wasn’t until I saw the interview with Jamal Parris that I realized how foul this whole situation is. This mangy coyote exploited these young mens’ desire for a father figure/male validation in their life. It does take two to tango, but TRUST me, if you’re missing a father figure in your life, you’ll be want to find it in whatever or wherever the hell you can. I can’t wait to see “Bishop” pop and sizzle like a roach on a hot skillet.

  4. I saw Jamal Parris and thought… wait a minute!!! He’s Fine!!! (oh yea, what a tragedy.. poor thing.. blah blah blah) Yes, Ms. Long Stroke has some good taste, ill give her that. And i don’t think these boys would lie about the whole thing. It wouldn’t the first or 100th time a clergy men took advantage of young boys. Its weird to me that it lasted for so long. How upset they got when he threw them away when he was “done” with them. But I’d miss all the nice things my sugar daddy was giving me too i guess. I did catch the odd thing Jamal said in his interview. I don’t know what it is… maybe it was the details he chose to to use.. or the “driving in HIS CARS on the way home” or something. But it did raise an eyebrow.

    1. @Vain – yeah that made me raise an eyebrow until I read the rest of the circumstances. It seems like all Eddie Long did was give those boys head and felt them up. HE NEEDS TO BE THROWN AT THE BOTTOM OF THE JAIL!!!!

      1. Oh, really? I didn’t know that. Well how sad that he exploited these young men who were just looking for a father figure or blindly following their religious leader. But i suppose guys who look like any of the men he used wouldn’t give someone who looks like the Bishop THE TIME OF DAY. Well not unless he was giving them something in return… like money, cars, trips, etc. He should have just gotten himself a few regular escorts and called it a day. Although they probably wouldn’t have been AS emotionally involved and those guys were. Perhaps that’s what he was really looking for?

      2. Yeah…I think it was only oral and masturbation. Either way Long is f**king pervert and a horrible person. I wish this scumbag could go to jail. Ugly on the inside and outside. Those young men are gorgeous and I hope they get through this as stronger men.

  5. Reincarnated@ coyote LMAO!

    We gonna run out of canine references fuckin’ round with Bishop Don Daddy Long Stroke. Lawd ham mercy.

    This low-down dirty monkey with a wig on touched them dudes. Apparently from the suits filed, Daddy Long Stroke was suckin and lickin on them dudes (violent shudder EWWW). They were 14-16 and this nasty nephew-fucka was 50ish at the time. That’s all kinds of wrong.

    I’m 25ish, I love men my age and older men; but not men old enough to be jammin hard on some Parliment Funkadelic with my old ass father! If a man is old enough to have kicked it with my Dad back in the day, call that dude Saran cause it will be a wrap. 23 to 45 is the limit.

    It’s sad because if they are straight they have to deal with the stigma of being gay on top of being molested/raped. If they are gay or flexible they still have to deal with the stigma of being gay AND not being believed because dumb bitches think they wanted to be touched on because they like dick anyway (dumb hoes never cease to amaze me).

    All of these dudes look like my friends/associates gay, straight, and flexible.
    * Le sigh*

    Bishop Don Daddy Long Stroke gonna Slip N Slide right into the Lake of Fire.

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