Michael Sam Can Hook Us Up With All The Gay Baller Wolves!

Screen Shot 2014-12-23 at 7.49.46 PMso when you do something,
that other people are low key impressed with,
they will let you know.
well thats what happened with michael sam.
the d/l baller wolves in the nfl reached out to him after he came out.
this is what he told oprah during his documentary…

“Very few reached out to me and pretty much just told me their gratitude and how thankful they were that I had the courage [to come out publicly],” Sam says in the above video. “They wished that they had the courage to come out.”

“Gay men in the NFL reached out to you and called you?” Oprah says.

“Yes,” Sam says. “[They] just showed their respect and admired my courage… It was very good.”

Though Sam declines to say exactly how many gay players reached out to him, he does tell Oprah that it was more than one. She clarifies, “You’re using the plural. ‘Men.’ Not ‘man.'”

“Men,” Sam confirms. “There’s a lot of us out there. I’m not the only one. I’m just the only one who’s open.”


aight michael.
thats enough now.
oprah was literally fiendin’ for that scoop.
this is good news for us tho.
i already got my nudes booted up.
here is a preview shot:













6a00d8341bf67c53ef014e8ac0b1b8970d^that one there says:

“cum get all this good stuff”

rachel-green-friendsno but seriously…
its comforting to know there are many foxholers within the nfl.
hell in every sport.
we “tried to had told them” we’re everywhere.
i hope michael can keep their secrets tho.
nothing worse than an out with a big mouth.
michael’s 90 minute documentary airs saturday at 9pm on own.

quote and video: the huffington post

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

30 thoughts on “Michael Sam Can Hook Us Up With All The Gay Baller Wolves!”

      1. Why? There are higher heads in the NFL who know a few players who are gay or bisexual. Where do you think the info came from about the players coming out? Conversations were had. Michael might have trust of others. Everyone isn’t messy.

  1. Don’t believe him at all.

    Why would any downlow player in the NFL come within 10 miles of him with the media frenzy he’s created and confide in him? Especially knowing he was considering doing reality television.

    Hell, most NFL players seemed to avoid him altogether since ol dude got in trouble for those tweets during the draft.

    Maybe he’s talking about retired ones though.

    Basically, I don’t feel he’s serving any purpose other than trying to extend his 15 minutes.

    He’s just playing on the fact most people are curious (thirsty basically) to know who’s downlow in the NFL.

      1. I’m just not gullible.

        What else does he have to talk about now, besides eluding to some dirt in the NFL?

        Do I believe there are DL men in the NFL? Sure.
        Do I believe some of these DL men know about each other?

        I don’t believe a player that is actually signed to a team would call up Michael Sam, dude who came out publicly, got drafted almost last, failed to make the team and got dropped from the practice squad of another team, and say “I’m DL. You the real MVP Mike! I wish I was like you!”


    1. Jay, I am agreeing with you on this as well. Im not buying it either. First of all most D/L dudes especially those in a high profile position as the NFL, NBA, MLB or any other high profile sport probably do not even acknowledge their sexuality and more than likely deny it all together. I have dealt with a few D/L cats meaning married, girlfriend etc, and these dudes are the last to admit they are really gay in any shape form or fashion, in fact they usually say, I’m no faggot, punk I just do my thing. It is far fetched at best that real D/L athletes who go to great lengths to hide their true identity even from themselves would all of a sudden reach out to someone who they dont know if they could trust or not. It is something about this dude that seems so disingenuous to me. I do not get genuine from him.

      Lets not even start on Oprah, I know she is revered and loved but I remember back in the day when she did a show on D/L men with author J.L. King who wrote a then popular book about the D/L and he too stated that so many D/L men reached out to him for his book, also was bullshit when he said it as well. Again, real D/L dudes stay in the shadows and don’t say shit to no one about how they get down. Oprah seems to be fascinated with this subject and she knows it makes for great TV for her fan base. It’s nothing more titillating than imagining a big football player having sex with another big football player in their minds and gives them further reason to suspect all men on D/L behavior. Oprah and Michael Sam are both opportunist who are using each other, but Im pressing- control, alt, delete to their bullshit.

    1. Michael mentioned this months ago .So did Jason Collins.As a matter of fact that former NFL player who beat up his boyfriend told CNN that gay players contacted him .But I guess they are all lying .Many guys on the DL talk to,hook up with openly gay men.

      1. No, they usually don’t.

        Claiming you’re DL has become a trend for those that want to appear more masculine and appealing. You need to be able to tell the difference.

        The only way a REAL DL man would talk to or hook up with an openly gay male is if they no longer wish to be DL or they do it under false pretenses (I.e. a fake name) with plans of never seeing the guy again and that’s still risky.

  2. I think if you want to know dirt on any celebrity, or in this case athlete, you want to talk to the ones that say nothing but see everything!

    The doorman and security guard in those skyscrapers with million dollar condos where they stay know who’s coming in and leaving at 3 a.m. in the morning.

    Their drivers sometimes pick up and drop off jumpoffs.

    Imagine what the person that works the front desk at The W in Atlanta at night has seen!

    The smart ones make their bodyguards, assistants, and drivers sign confidentiality contracts for a reason.

    1. He doesn’t represent me, nor is he my role model.

      I don’t know him to dislike him and that would give him too much credit seeing as how I believe he’s a pawn for the media and LBGT organizations (which is notorious for marginalizing black men) looking for attention.

      1. Also, he probably doesn’t represent you, but he represent many others. It’s really petty to try to take that away from those people.

  3. “They wished that they had the courage to come out.”

    FOR WHAT!? It ain’t that serious. It’d be better if they stayed discreet. Why does our sexuality have to define us?

    I’m gay. Since you wanna know what I do behind closed doors so bad I’ll tell you something else. Takes me over 20 minutes to shit sometimes. I don’t know if I’m alone in this. Most people who have trouble shitting won’t come out. Cowards!

    Why is coming out treated like a bar Mitzvah or Quinceañera for the Gay community? It’s soooooooooo not.

    1. Do you feel the same way about Black people “passing” as White? It’s OK if they deny being Black because life is easier.Because our race doesn’t define us.Our race is nobody’s business including our sexual partners if we can” pass”.I’m curious because I have some relatives who pass as White.I don’t hate them but I do pity them.I think it must be painful having to wear a mask ,hiding who you truly are.

      1. I’m not saying we should deny who we are per se. I just feel we shouldn’t make “coming out of the closet” a big spectacle or something we have to do because I don’t consider it all that important. We can’t have kids(the natural way) nor can we get married(in most States) so who we date doesn’t really matter at the end of the day.

        You’re relatives don’t have to announce they’re black. Especially considering they’re passing. If you can pass for white, you’re not that black anyway.

    2. I don’t think you are being fair.

      If you rather be discreet, that’s your business. However, to make someone feel like they are doing too much by coming out breeds resentment in my eyes.

      You seem to resent that some gays don’t see their sexuality is simply fucking around but wanting to have meaningful relationships.

      If you and many want to get that ass, go get it, just don’t hurt anyone, but people who want more isn’t being excessive.

      1. His coming out didn’t do anything. I didn’t feel the urge to come out. He lost his job and will disappear into oblivion after this. He is a mediocre player who was used as a test dummy for the media so he lost.

      2. Gays who come out publicly aren’t doing it because they want meaningful relationships. They’re doing it because America has made us all think that coming out is something we’re supposed to do. Also, resentment!? What the hell do I have to resent? That I’m not known as that gay person. Well thank God for that. Being a black man comes with a whole lot of stereotypes and assumptions already. Once they know I’m gay then I’ll always be looked at as that “butt pirate” or people wondering if I give or receive. You and others can be “out” all you want. Growing up I always tried to sum up the courage to come out to my super-Christian mother. Luckily I was a punk because if I did come out to her, she probably would’ve sent me to one of those pray the gay away camps and had her preacher friends performing exorcisms on me. Now would y’all want that? A deliverT Zen trying to get you all to repent.

        After talking to an older gay man through the internet. He informed me that I didn’t have to come out if I didn’t want to. I thought it was mandatory by the way Hollywood gays act.

  4. Coming out is important because homophobia exists. No one owes anything to you, but you have every right to debunk any bad perceptions of yourself as a LGBT and that’s what coming out provides.

  5. Zen,just so you know same sex marriage is legal in 36 of the 50 states.In all likelihood The Supreme Court will approve same sex marriage in 2015 since 18 states approved it in 2014.The tide has turned.
    I hope that one day you will be able to marry the man you love in front of the people you love.

  6. Y’all need to know the difference between discreet and downlow. No one said the men who reached out were downlow? Michael Sam never said that to my knowledge. However, the other blogs are putting it out as if he did. I didn’t hear that in that clip, but we will see on Saturday.That’s how shit shit misconstrued. They probably were discreet men, which are gay men who have never been with women and do not want to, and are most likely aware of their sexuality, but all aren’t. Downlow men are men who are actively engaging with both sexes, and are not informing any of their partners, and they usually deny their sexuality. Some Y’all too old not to know the difference. Stop calling yourself downlow when you have never even touched the elastic on the damn panties and will gag at the sight of a pussy. Boi get outta here. Like Jay said, anything to sound more masculine. Damn shame.

  7. Actually i believe his story after i came out officially to my family, back in our old neighborhood, guys were actually hard core and running the streets seem more anxious to talk to me…and idk if you remember jamari i had one incident on a4a earlier this year when the guy had a nice body for his profile pic and when he asked me to unlock mines, i did and he inboxed with the response “YOOOO i didn’t even know you be up here i heard you got down but DAYUMM look at your body…i would buss your ass for real sexy but you know me” and i tried to get him to say how we met but he confirmed it by saying where i grew up at, my silbings and how he always had a crush on me but didnt know that i got down until recently”…that blew me away but since coming out i had one of my brothas friends flirt and try to hook up with me (i never exposed him) and many others…let me tell you something i have to the conclusion in my life that many men who expose d/l men are d/l men…men who are out we have a hard time because dealing with d/l men can be alot many of them are so paranoia and automatically think because you’re out you’re going to out them…but i tell men all the time when they talk to me..’ i may not be flamboyant but i’m also no one’s secret..the only time we connect is at night or on the low reminds me of that Jojo song ‘i only know him in the dark’. .if we mess around that will stay between us but please don’t think my schedule revolves around whenever YOU’RE FREE because your d/l…i rather talk to a discreet brotha…someone who knows his sexuality, isn’t trying to broadcast it to the world but is confident in his skin if someone asked him…discreet men are much more fun because you can’t even tell their preference yet they’re just being themselves…the only problem i have with certain d/l men is the utter disregard for your wife or girl by messing with numerous guys, and many unprotected

    1. ^yup!
      i remember that story!
      i forgot if you found out who it was.
      either way you maybe onto something.
      you notice that the guys exposing other nudes online are all d/l as well?
      not saying all,
      but some…

      1. i’m learning fam that jackals and hyenas aren’t always out men…now dont get me wrong there are plenty of QUEENS that screenshot convos, pics and everything just waiting to destroy people’s lives which is str8 up EVIL but there also d/l brothas who out other brothas out of jealous….sometimes they may have their eyes on the same bttm or etc and tension/sparks dly and right away you see grown ass masculine men turn into little boys bragging about their sexual conquests and etc…it’s sad i even had a d/l guy that i was seeing one time threaten to put my shouwer video on worldstar because i told him i wanted to distance myself (he started acting crazy after we had sex) but it didnt scare me because in the video you cant see my face and besides i didnt give a fuck lol but it’ a dangerous world out there guys please be safe…

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