So The Light Girls Feel The Hurt As Well?

tumblr_ndoqwgrOWv1rjhan3o1_500would you look at light girls like this and think they have no issues?
i mean look at her.
if she was to walk in high school/college right now,
every wolf would be plotting on her by graduation.
she is thick,
nice features,
and looks “non-black”.
what about these other light girls?…

…yeah the pussies will be plotted on.
an f-bi had more discussion on ( x mixed babies ) and ( x dark girls ) for us.
oprah is going to dwelve into the trails of “light girls” in a new doc…

this is going to be rather interesting.
i’d love to hear their opinion on being blow up dolls.
lets just call a spade a spade.
anyway i’ll be tuning in for that.
will you?
i have this suspicion that besides slavery,
 dudes are also one of the main reasons for color issues.

103-eyeswe shouldn’t act like we don’t play a part in this as well.
it even happens in the life with a few.

light girls premieres jan 19th and 9pm.

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Author: jamari fox

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15 thoughts on “So The Light Girls Feel The Hurt As Well?”

  1. Regardless, of what your skin color is there is some fault that others may see and will call you names. Especially, being light or dark either way problems come.

  2. Hahaha lol! Cmon jamari give this documentary a chance! Lol I think it should be good and educational just like the dark girls movie. Even though we all know that dark skinned women have to deal with way more ignorane and discrimination we should not take anything away from light skinned women’s issues as well.

    1. Bircial children are bullied just as bad as dark children. With dark skin kids they can definitively say that they know they’re black/African American Jamacian etc. Biracial children struggle with identity and trying to find acceptance among peers without feeling like they need to choose to embrace their “blackness” or “whiteness.” Many biracial/multiracial people find it offensive to questiom what they’re mixed with. See Tami and Kesha from Basketball Wives. Kesha was a very good person with a big warm heart but she couldn’t escape the need to defend her blackness to other black women. Race isn’t a “cut and dry” topic very complex and has many aspects when trying to get an understanding.

  3. This should be interesting. I will be watching though. I hope after the public views both documentaries hopefully we can have a real discussion about colorism.

  4. I have no issue with dark skinned women or light skinned women. I do have a problem when they feel they have to show all the ass and titties just to get attention. Nah boo, it’s not like that at all. Use your mind AND your looks…but use your mind FIRST. That alone will show you who’s with you for YOU, and not just for the ass.
    Sadly, I don’t think it’s even about color issues in society. It’s more about image and morals. Girls feel they need to be half naked to get attention, and sadly, the ones they want to model themselves after only foster the image by continuously posting half naked pics of themselves on social media websites.
    Like Nubiansol said, whether you’re light or dark…you’re going to get called names. No getting around it.

  5. I’m intrigued I think everybody in any walk of life have a story to tell. I mean I still think darker skin black women have it harder in society. And yes we and men (especially black men) have a hand in this issue of black women feeling inadequate.

  6. “hopefully we can have a real discussion”

    People said the same thing after the Zimmerman verdict about racism. We’ve been discussing this shit for years now. We discuss this shit every February aka Black History Month. People don’t wanna move forward because we all have our so called preferences so it’s pretty pointless to have even more discussions when the same shit is gonna be said for the umpteenth time.

    I didn’t watch the dark girls documentary so no way in hell am I gonna watch light girls. I can tell from the preview what they went through is child’s play compared to dark girls.

    1. Bill Duke did a third doc called” Measure of a Man about Masculinity in Black community.It will address,DL men,homosexuality as it relates to Black community.The primary focus will be on Straight Black men though. Bill did a movie about a man on the DL a few years ago.

  7. I wish Claudia Jordan would stop talking about being bi racial. If she didn’t mention it every five mins on RHOA I would’ve never known her mother is white. She looks black.

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