So Dark Girls Are The Dirt Of The World?

dark-girlsum i didn’t say it about dark girls.
 this is according to today’s black straight wolf.
you know i come in peace!
so today event about ( x mixed babies ) was live.

one of the foxholers,
had a documentary he wanted us all to watch.
it should help us understand self hate much better.
it’s called “dark girls” and its under the break…

BEY_foodaight i’m on the couch with a fresh batch with extra butter.
lets get into it…

Author: jamari fox

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13 thoughts on “So Dark Girls Are The Dirt Of The World?”

      1. Everyone has their own definition of beauty, that’s what people fail to get. They let other people get in their head and validate them. Parents need to teach their children not to allow people to do that ahead of time before it grows out of control.

        1. ^im glad my parents taught me to love whoever,
          no matter what complexion they are.
          i never had these self hate issues.
          the first vixen i ever messed with was dark skin.
          wolves can be whatever complexion…
          but i tend to like their pockets to be green.

  1. My dark skin cousin has said that older black people always tell her that even though she’s pretty, she’d be prettier if she had light skin. She doesn’t even know them. They’re just random old people that feel the need to come up to her and say that. Can you imagine how much damage they cause to a young black girl’s psyche that never gave her skin color a second thought? That’s why I’m not gonna watch this documentary. I get pissed off enough just thinking about what happens to my cousin.

  2. it was actually a really good documentary.
    i encourage everyone to watch it.
    its very eye opening and shows that everyone,
    no matter the race,
    thinks being close to “white” is what they need to do to be accepted.

    if people would stop using “color” as their means of attraction,
    we would all find such interesting people to connect with.
    everyone has a story.
    no one is better or worse than everyone else.
    once we figure that out,
    we will be able to move on to more pressing issues.

    at the end of the day,
    no matter what complexion you are,
    if you heart ain’t good…
    you already lost.

  3. …and those same light skin exxoticals will leave these black self haters for a rich snow wolf REAL QUICK.
    snow wolves still are at the top of the food chain.
    not every exxotical is dick hoppin’ on black pipe like the kardashians,

  4. Weakness Is the Problem
    As long as African Americans are weak economically, psychologically, sociologically, politically and culturally, they will be marginalized and abused by the powers that be. That is the way of the world. That the strong take advantage of and abuse the weak is a story as old as the Bible and European colonialism in America, Africa, Australia and Asia. But even the strong are deterred by consequences. The police force of Beverly Hills does not abuse its residents because the people of Beverly Hills are rich and there will be consequences.

    And out of this colorism/anti-black racism is part of the psychological weakness of African Americans. What we need is psychological, sociological, cultural, economic and political strengthening of African Americans. It is important that they all be tackled at once since they are inter-related and inter-dependent. For example, economic strength is undermined by psychological, sociological and cultural weakness. For example, political strength is undermined by economic, psychological and cultural weakness. For example, psychological strength is undermined by economic, cultural and political weakness. Etc.

  5. To be honest about it, Jamari, were all the same inside and we all want the same things in life. Skin tone and preference is really not important. It’s what’s inside is what really counts, honesty , loyalty, sincerity, etc… I’m light skinned ,and I used to prefer light skinned guys , but I found that medium and dark skin brothers are better lovers, but in every other aspect, they are no better than light skin brothers. what I’m trying to say is that it depends on the person, not the skin tone.

  6. I saw this movie about a year ago and it was heartbreaking. It’s already how being a black woman but to be one that’s dark skin seems to be treated like a curse. We as a people have to do better with being good to our own.

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