I Think We Should All Have Mixed Babies (They’re So Cah-ute!)

lightskinbabieshuhwhats up with these new batch of morons fiending…
for “mixed babies”?

when you go to an instagram or twitter,
you will see some wolf proclaiming he wants some light skin/light eyes cub.
^that picture is actually from a wolf i posted the other week.
check his follower count and you will see the “chosen ones” for the task.
well let me let these sad wayward wolves in on something…

not every “exxotical vixen” match produces a mixed cub.
sometimes the cub will come out really dark.
rihanna’s mother is dark skin and her father is light.
rih came out as a red bone with green eyes.
light eyes are also toss up.
sometimes a baby will come out with light eyes,
like my cousin did,
and it will changed to dark brown in a few days.
try again!


only way to get a guaranteed mixed child is to skeet in a snow bunny.
as this one here did:

Screen Shot 2014-12-21 at 9.04.06 AMwhat bothers me is what if the cub they lust for doesn’t come out mixed?
will they disown it?
throw it in the hospital trash?
will they treat it bad?
does this cub have to go through a life feeling like his/her father doesn’t appreciate them?
shit will the father stick around after a baby turns into a bill?
meaning the hard work and money that comes with raising a cub.

BankruptWedge…or does he think his mixed cub will win him the lottery?
and what if the baby mama is bat shit crazy and keeps him from said mixed cub?
just questions.

i think these wolves nowadays need to:


these wolves nowadays so fuckin’ vain.
they’re falling victim to their own insecurities.
dragging these dumb vixens into their foolishness as well.
not only do they want a light skin vixen with automatic wet n wavy,
but they want their cub to look like their fantasies.
like do you want to fuck your child too?
i’m highly confused.
also having a mixed baby doesn’t automatically mean a good life.
just look at all these biracials crying over how they were bullied in school.
see: mariah carey, corbin bleu, and claudia jordan.

why don’t we try praying for a healthy cub?
a cub that comes out with a easy birth for the vixen.
one that doesn’t kill her in the process.
one that doesn’t have two heads or spits fire when its mad.

tumblr_mkbsq5hHAZ1s5sh9eo1_r1_500although that would be actually kinda cool.
note to self: make cub like “the incredibles”.










why don’t we look forward to those things,
rather than what the cub is mixed with?
not all mixed babies come out cute either.
i see some of the instagrams with these ugmoo mixed cubs.
got people saying in the comments:

“look at him/her”
thats a healthly kid.”

nicki-minajgo ahead and let these wolves fiend for these perfect mixed cubs tho.
fuck around and god gives you a beautiful mixed retarded one.
bib and helmet included.

lowkey: all these morons out here getting randoms pregnant….
… and i’m trying to get 50 mill and rule the world.
wolf included.
pussy over pesos and ain’t got a pot to piss in.
couldn’t be me.

46 thoughts on “I Think We Should All Have Mixed Babies (They’re So Cah-ute!)

  1. I love this article. I’m the mother of a mixed child. If I had any idea how much favoritism/criticism and undue negativity/positivity it would generate, I wouldn’t have ever allowed myself to become pregnant by his dad. When I met his dad I loved him because we had similar goals and interests. Not once did we ever talk about what the baby would look like. I never even thought about whose features he would have. All we wanted was a healthy child. He ended up being born with health issues and people had the nerve to focus on and mention how fair his skin is, how straight his hair was. After he was born people speculated on whether he’d have good hair or bad hair the rest of his life. Would his light eyes stay light or get dark.

    I love my son but to be honest, I’m walking around with a child that has folks thinking I’m the baby sitter. When kids say “hey look there goes ——– mom” parents telling kids no that can’t be his mom. Same goes for his dad. If people don’t know him they don’t think he’s his child. We are tired of folks asking and speculating about race, what language does he speak, who’s the dad or mom. Hell we are happy he can even speak.

    I hate seeing people praying for a mixed looking baby, wavy hair, light skinned, green eyes when they really should be praying for healthy babies, families that last or that their kid won’t get caught up in the violence of this world.

    After my son’s dad I’ve never dated outside of my race again. People look at me like I’m stupid when I say I never wanted to have a mixed child and don’t want anymore. They can’t understand why I think it can be damaging to the kids. I don’t want to perpetuate this cycle of mixed is better and give people another child to dote on for no good reason.

    I thought being light skinned and curly haired while my brothers were brown skinned—one with nappy hair and the darkest one with long curly hair—was so difficult when I was a kid. We didn’t see anything different about each other and couldn’t understand why I was treated differently until we got older. Now after having a mixed child, I’ve learned that the ignorance gets worse.

  2. Weakness Is the Problem
    As long as African Americans are weak economically, psychologically, sociologically, politically and culturally, they will be marginalized and abused by the powers that be. That is the way of the world. That the strong take advantage of and abuse the weak is a story as old as the Bible and European colonialism in America, Africa, Australia and Asia. But even the strong are deterred by consequences. The police force of Beverly Hills does not abuse its residents because the people of Beverly Hills are rich and there will be consequences.

    And out of this colorism/anti-black racism is part of the psychological weakness of African Americans. What we need is psychological, sociological, cultural, economic and political strengthening of African Americans. It is important that they all be tackled at once since they are inter-related and inter-dependent. For example, economic strength is undermined by psychological, sociological and cultural weakness. For example, political strength is undermined by economic, psychological and cultural weakness. For example, psychological strength is undermined by economic, cultural and political weakness. Etc.

    It’s anti-black, self-hating black racism by black people! Love is love is love. That is a person of one ethnic/racial group can come to love a person of another ethic/racial group and that’s fine. On the other hand, we know that there is a tremendous amount of self-hating racism among African Americans whereby they hate black/African features-dark skin, broad noses, full lips and strong/nappy/tightly coiled hair. And because of that self-hating anti-black racism, they see is superior/preferred white/European features–pale skin, pointy noses, thin lips and stringy hair. I don’t know whether or not Shaun T’s affection of his husband is influenced by this self-hating racism but I do reject racism in all its form and all its permutations. ( I do suspect that his affection of his husband is influenced by that racism because in the USA, we swim in racism/racist media all day, every day.) So, I cannot agree with your attitude “as long as they’re happy, good for them”. I say “As long as they are happy and not influenced by racism, good for them.” I reject racism in all its forms and permutations–even if it is disguised as “just love”. And I invite you to reject racism in all its forms and permutations.

  3. Thank you. I’m mixed with brown skin with dark brown eyes and I don’t look nothing like that baby up there, so thank you J for acknowledging us darker skin mixed people because I hate when people act like being light skin = mixed. Umm not all the time and yea I met quite a few of ugly mixed people as well. But what bothers me tho is that some of these black men who want mixed babies are the one who hate mixed people as well. What I mean by that is I can’t enter a room without an older black man with mixed children look at me with such hate that you start to feel it. Regardless I’m brown skin, my features are pretty obvious that I’m not fully black, but they hate me and idk why cause they don’t know me period. But I notice these black men want to live vicariously thru their mixed kids.

    1. Plus being Puerto Rican doesn’t make it any easier either cause once they hear this accent. They give me this look “Oh you’re not one of us” it bad tho because I don’t have any friends up here because Im not accepted in the white nor black world which why I can’t wait to return to NY after college. Don’t get me wrong I do talk to people, but it more like “Hey, how are you? Bye” that type of situation. I do feel alone, but the chocolate chip cookies help me get high to not even care anymore. There are Mexicans up here, but we’re nothing alike and they are pretty much “Stick to your own kind” type.

      1. So I need you to school me.

        How can one tell the difference between Puerto Ricans, Dominicans, Mexicans, Spanish people?

        I mean any of them can have African features if they have African ancestry, but can you guys tell the difference between each other by physical features?

        If I see they have curves I usually assume they’re Puerto Rican lol

  4. This is sad Jamari and Funny thing is despite a the negative stereotypes that plague black men black women still see them as their best options. They still see the offspring reproduced with black men as beautiful. People say that black women are loyal because they have no options which is false. I know plenty pretty and gorgeous black women who do have the option to date out but simply their prerogative is to date their own men. They see black men, features and masculinity as superior to that of white men regardless of what the media’s portrayal of white men as Adonises and Greek God’s with all the money and Power. Why can’t black men view and treat black women the same?? They treat and view Black women and their beauty/chatacter just the same as Non black people and men do who by right are supposed to find their own demographic of females as attractive.

    P.S who was that wolf you mentioned in that first Twitter post feautured on article? I want to know who he is so that I can unfilled him -_-

      1. Funny enough I just started to follow him on IG. Ironically a lot of black men who date out would reply to not being self loathing and being proud black men. .”Chile please” No proud black man of any race exclusively and wilfully goes out of his way to date others in attempt to dilute or mix their genes with another because they are perceived as “more beautiful”. Sadly they are only perceived more alluring over black babies…not white…they are second rung on the latter behind white “pure babies” but ahead of blacks. Then if you speak out about this way of thinking by these conditioned Negroes they accuse us as being insecure or #Haters LOL SMH.

    1. All of this!

      I’ve only met one black girl who said she wanted a light skinned dude and fast forward to now and her boyfriend is black as night.

      You got sistas ready to trample any fine, seemingly single black men in the church parking lot!

      A lot of them want the marriage and family, but they end up settling for the baby mother or just being the successful single type.

      If they’re not dating someone they went to college with it’s very difficult to find someone on a equal playing field.

      1. I think also that most black women are beginning to realize black men are lost and as a result are beginning to exercise their options. I will say that not all black women are going this route because of the reason stated…some do it because they genuinely do have a preference for white guys. However most do not and they prefer being happy over being lonely and miserable so they do what they have to do. That’s why I am more in favour of BW and WM pairings because it is more genuine as apparent by the real superficial reasons black men seek out non black women.

      2. According to sites like Match.com Black women are the group least likely to date across racial lines. We are loyal to a fault. Black women are also the group least likely to ever get married.

  5. Nothing new, I have all ways witness light skinned or mixed (with black) males and females being praised and put before Jeaus by black people and as far as I witnessed its always a darker skinned tone doing the worshiping or a females with perms weaves make up for foundation that’s ment for a light skin tone or contacts ( anything to help them look less black). This is how it is and forever will be its never going to change dark skin and kinky hair will forever be considered ugly to black people (not all) until white people start going for that look.

  6. I thank you for this post my brother. I don’t understand this fascination with mixed babies. My family members are predominately dark and they all date lighter, I’ve never seen them with a dark skinned woman. Me and my boy were smoking this past summer and he is a beautiful brother. I mean, like deep dark chocolate brown, and this pineapple had the nerve to say her “only wants to have mixed babies”. I’m telling you it’s a part of self hatred. My grandmother is as black as the sky at night but she only dated light men. My mother came out light and her brother (my uncle) came out dark, who do you think is her favorite kid? She treats my uncle like shit. I just don’t understand why everyone is fascinated with mixed children including my family members.

  7. Everyone just has their own preference of what they want when it involves dating and what their children look like physically. I do not understand the fascination with wanting a mixed child, but to each his own. I’m African American, and if I have children I would prefer them to be as well.

  8. I’m telling you guys if you think we’ve overcome, read the comments on yahoo on articles concerning what happened with the NYPD yesterday.

    29,000+ comments of HATE.

    They think we ALL are animals that should be sent back to Africa.
    They’re tired of giving us chances. It’s not their fault our ancestors sold us over here! They gave us affirmative action and government assistance but our fathers won’t raise us and our mothers are addicted to crack.

    Sorry but I can’t look at any white person the same. I never know if they’re hiding their true feelings behind a polite smile.

    1. I stopped reading the comments on yahoo articles after the Zimmerman verdict. Racism never went anywhere. They just stopped outright being racist and instead started doing it internally. You’re right not to trust white people. A fat white bitch that had a baby by my cousin called him nigger from sun up to sun down one day. Her and her sisters. People don’t change just because they like to have sex with black people, or listen to black music. Some black people fail to realize that tho.

    2. That is awful
      But what is equally offensive is the comments I hear or read by Black people about other Black people EVERYDAY.
      Racism and internalized racism is toxic.

      Black lives matter
      Black is Beautiful
      I hope one day Black people will realize that.
      I don’t know if society will ever believe that but I hope one day we will Believe.

  9. do most athletes really settle with exxoticals though. i mean look at lebron, cp3, vick, westbrook, melo, wade, tyson chandler, amare, etc… upper echelon players and their WIVES r pretty black to me. i’m glad i grew up without those problems. beauty was beauty, regardless of skin tone. and u can do so much with black hair, male and female. look at all the styles and trends black men popularize with their hair.

    1. A lot of them were together before they hit it big and they stayed loyal to them. Hopefully that doesn’t change.

    2. No, a lot of athletes do not settle. I could name more athletes than that who are with black women. People just make a big deal out of the ones that are with non-black women. I don’t focus on what they are doing, it has NOTHING to do with me lol.

  10. The funny thing is that these boys in this generation treat these mixed girls like cum rags. So they’re basically giving permission for a boy in the future generation to treat their mixed daughter like a cum rag too. Jokes on them…

  11. When I see some idiot I follow spewing this type of ignorance I instantly unfollow them.

    The whole desire for a biracial child for vanity reasons speaks VOLUMES on their maturity and overall character.

    My “curiousity” with our fairer-skinned counterparts wore off for me at like 12 when I became aware of their superior attitudes, and maybe that’s because idiots breed them like Hitler.

    Furthermore, all biracial people aren’t attractive! Sometimes they get the worst part of that non-black side. The acne. The big, prominent noses.

    I think a lot of these black men really desire to be white. That’s why they date non-black women and want children that will dilute their black.

    I could go on about how this all is an elaborate plot by the government to destroy black people but it would all fall on deaf ears.

      1. All you have to do is look at how black women are portrayed in the media.


        We don’t have supportive, strong women with character on television anymore like Claire Huxtable, Florida Evans, the women on Living Single.

        We have Love and Hip Hop where women will hop on the dick of lowest form of life for a hit and some air time. We have the Atlanta Housewives, R&B Divas, Sorority Sisters where all the supposedly “successful sisters” are fighting over petty stuff or men.

        Or even worse they’re just hyper-sexual and overexposed and have no other talent and social networks become their domains.

        Of course it’s just television and social media but it has a big impact on how people perceive black women, even black men that know women that transcend the stereotypes. Black men that were raised by good black women don’t find anything about black women attractive.

        The way they went about dividing us is brilliant.

        Elevate a few of us, let us have a little bit of what they have (money, better neighborhood, prestigious degrees, non-black women) and give some of us the illusion we’re better. Then watch us destroy each other.

  12. First of all I laughed so hard at this blog entry! You READ the fudge out of these wolves who only want mixed babies! You really stated the truth Jamari! I have three nephews who are mixed with white and the oldest eyes used to be gray and sometimes they would turn to blue but they have been brown for years now. My middle nephews eyes are hazel and have stayed that way for years and the youngest eyes turn from green to blue to gray and are still transitioning into a permanent eye color. You know what’s crazy is that my youngest nephew looks like the baby in the first picture! Lol All my nephews have gotten so many compliments from people about their eye color, their hair, and how cute they are. I always wondered if they were just black with chocolate skin, brown eyes and an Afro would people (black and white) still give them compliments? I love my nephews with all my heart and I treat them just like every one else. Even though they have “exotic features” in our black family they don’t let it go to their heads when people in our family and others give them compliments. They’re just kids! They act just like any other kid in the world! They have fun and learn, feel emotion and bleed red blood just like other people! No one is better than anyone else just because they are mixed!

    1. ^i completely agree c!

      i wanted to add that j cole is mixed with white.
      he looks like every other black redbone out here.
      no fancy eye color.
      tia and tamera are mixed as well.
      no fancy eye color,
      but they got nice hair.
      boris kodjoe,
      tiger woods,
      and grant hill are also mixed.
      what im trying to say is their black side is more prominent.
      so this wanting mixed babies could end up being a fail.

  13. Smh do you know that this isn’t a new trend among the millennial generation? My mother, aunt, & uncle(dark brown skin) were all treated badly by their grandmother who had fairer skin. She turned around and treated her other grandkids of fairer skin better than my mother. Quit acting as if black(dark skin) men are the only ones looking to brighten their bloodlines. There are women in AFRICA that bleach their skin. Bitches in America wear Asian/Brazilian hair and destroying theirs with chemicals and such. Again I challenge ANYBODY to watch Dark Girls on Netflix to see that this isn’t a generational, american, regional problrm but a worldwide epidemic among people with black skin.

    1. Why do you think black women are wearing weaves and African women are bleaching their skin?!

      It damn sure isn’t to look better for each other!!

      They do it to be more desirable to men.

      1. No they do it because lighter skin is more acceptable it has nothing to do with men. Throughtout history black people have always felt their skin inferior(Doll test)Like I said Dark Girls is on Netflix watch and understand.

  14. Of course the white chick is all smiles. White people just don’t get it, I don’t think they ever will. Mind you this is the same group that created light skin vs dark skin & the Napoleon complex.

    What’s even sadder is that this same type of self-hate these black men demonstrate is also affecting the Asian community, the Indian(India) community, and the Latino community. No one wants to do anything about it. Everyone revels in their so called preferences until that baby comes out with their hair, or their eyes, or their skin. Do schools really need to start having self-esteem classes? I think so.

  15. Mixed babies r betta their hair is silky and doesn’t nap up I remember being young and my head hurtin because my ma had to comb thru my hair I don’t want that for my baby mixed babies also don’t go thru the teasing and people of other races will accept them better they won’t have to deal with racism white people like mixed races im callin it like I c it

    1. I can’t believe people still think mixed babies don’t have kinky hair and are easily accepted. This is a fantasy.

  16. Self hate is so real smh. These color struck wolves believe that having a child with a nonblack woman helps by distancing themselves from blackness. Little do they know is that their child will still be part black. Do they realize that their active pursuit for an “exotical\snow bunny” vixen shows their hate of black women? These same wolves will talk about black women like damn dogs, but are raised by black women. These niggas need help. They sound foolish wanting a mixed child as an accessory rather than wanting to have a child to love and care for. That’s their probably not mine.

    1. ^facts.

      these same wolves learn their lesson when everyone turns on them and they ran back to black vixens.
      sometimes they set up their own setbacks.

      1. You are right with both comments jamari and Caz. Look at the #blacklivesmatter movement. Only women supporting these self hating black men are black women. I don’t see the exoticals or snow bunnies marching for their asses. Hell I don’t hear a damn peep, but keep thinking the Beckys and Marias of those Instagram pages are going to speak for you. You will be waiting damn forever. But I’m sleep, these wolves don’t want to hear it though.

        1. ^this spanish vixen at work admitted didnt know or care who micheal brown was.
          in front of a couple mailroom wolves who lowkey want to bang her.
          they didnt correct her or anything.
          i was the only one to say something.
          what does that tell you makkkk?

      2. Obviously they were not pressed because she said it. Had it been a black vixen they would of torn her to shreds. People taking disrespect just for some pussy. That pussy can’t be that good.

  17. Black men more than any other segment of society, are influenced my the media, music and television. They’ve been conditioned thru these mediums to think black is ugly therefore black women are undesirable. Most of us grew up without fathers so who do they look to for influence, the athletes, rappers, etc..most of whom are with white or exotic women. When your looking for examples of manhood and all the rappers are subliminally telling you your not a man unless you have a “long haired thick red bone”, that’s what your going to seek and that’s the thinking that is so detrimental. We’ve raised a generation of men who don’t want women that look like their mothers and sisters, they want what society tells them they should have. Why do you think all these athletes wives and girlfriends ALL look alike? It’s the mental conditioning that black is unappealing. Go to some of these wolves pages, look at their followers list and the girls they post. Most are white, or of indiscriminate race. Mixed babies are a byproduct of that thinking. They feel to have a beautiful child that it must be of mixed race. It’s really sad

  18. You nailed it, Jamari. It’s called internalized racism.

    On another note: be careful up your way with that racist police union president spewing that reckless venom. One deranged man shot those two unsuspecting police officers yesterday in Brooklyn, after killing his girlfriend outside Baltimore, MD then traveling to NY not the peaceful demonstrators, exercising their constitutional rights, or Mayor de Blasio. Just be on the alert.

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