Who Wants To Watch A Movie With Me Tonight? (21)

main Mikael Damkier shutterstock_93514399its time to cuddle up with me and watch something good.
ive wanted to watch this,
but i’d rather watch it with the foxhole

tumblr_ngc8dxNen31tdjmcro1_1280tumblr_m23lko4AhR1rn2frymovie will be down tomorrow morning,
so enjoy it tonight...

tumblr_nbgbaobIfw1tdjmcro1_500…now hurry and press play!
i’m ready to watch it!

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

5 thoughts on “Who Wants To Watch A Movie With Me Tonight? (21)”

    1. ^i really enjoyed it man!
      best movie ive seen in a while.
      loved that it featured two great black actors as well.
      i love taraji and this def wasnt a usual role for her.
      idris idris idris….

      im supposed to be scared of him,
      he also turned me on something heavy.
      when he put on that grey sweater when they were in the closet and it fit his body perfectly…


      1. What about when he forced her to get in the shower with him….i probably would have went down on him then and there lol that man is all kinds of fine

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