Antoine Dodson Is Living A Hard “Straight” Life

antoine dodson slowjaman f-bi just sent me this video of antoine dodson having a potential nervous breakdown.
in this strange video,
he starts talking to god and then breaks down in tears.
i guess being “straight” isn’t all it was cracked up to be?…

52jo7tokay so i won’t laugh at him.
i did “blank stare” his ass something heavy tho.
i’ve been there.
i get the “talking to god” and feeling like he isn’t here.
“god answers on his time; not yours.” – my reader in email.
seems like he is going through it,
but i’m getting he is battling trying to not like men.
i would say he needs jesus,
but clearly…
i dunno with this one.
he just seems lost AF and definitely wasn’t ready for his 15 minutes.

lowkey: well his baby will be soon here:

Screen Shot 2013-12-22 at 7.57.21 PMi don’t think ( x his baby mama ) was that light skin vixen.
i could be wrong.

found: his youtube channel

Author: jamari fox

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15 thoughts on “Antoine Dodson Is Living A Hard “Straight” Life”

  1. So I laughed at first, but then I really felt bad for him. I remember hitting the floor, crying and asking God why am I gay. I understand the struggle. But he just needs to accept that he is a gay man and that shit ain’t gonna change. I mean, he is as gay as they come. Impregnating a female is not going to change your orientation.

    1. ^and see,
      thats where i’m at with him sam.
      just seems like he is trying to be something he can never be.
      i can understand if he wasn’t looking like a female…

      ….but ummmerahhhh,
      he been in this lifestyle and then quit cold turkey for jesus?
      i dunnnnnnoooo…

  2. Lmao.. I ain’t worried about this dude. It is what is gonna be. I am NOT out, but I feel free because I know who I am. I like men and that shit ain’t never gonna change. I could marry a woman tomorrow and I will still love men. I will still watch gay porn, still talk to gay friends, and still have gay thoughts, but I just would not sleep with men while I am with my wife.

  3. This is beyond pathetic and I couldnt even watch it all. What I can tell him is to Man Up and stop this damn crying and whining, its a cold cold world out here and this world gives no fucks about any of us and you got to rise up and deal with it, thats what being a real man is, it does not matter who you sleep with or who you love. He is clearly a lost soul who was not ready for the spotlight and he saw real fast the same people who love you will turn on you and hate you just as fast, its the nature of living a public life. I am sure its so many celebrities who cry themselves to sleep at night just like this when their albums fail, their TV shows get canceled, Twitter turns on them, that is why so many are crazy and on drugs and alcohol. He thought he was going to be accepted by the straight world when he made this announcement of now being straight, instead they turned on him, the gay community wants nothing to do with him now after he went in proclaiming his straightness and now he is just assed out on his own. I would just let him know that he can only be himself no matter what that might be and he has to please himself first. He needs to put on his big girl panties or his manly boxers whatever he is wearing today and wipe those damn tears because no one gives a shit about his whoa as me tune. This gives me this is nothing more than an attention stunt but it is a good lesson for all these attention whores of what happens when the next minstrel comes along and you fall out of favor and your spotlight gets dimmed.

  4. I don’t know why he called himself being straight when still looking more feminine than most women do.It’s a shame though.He’s bringing a child into this awful world just so he can feel like a man.We know of one kid that isn’t being brought into a stable home.His/her daddy is mentally conflicted.I hope he decides what he wants to do before it gets here.Don’t being down your child’s life with your burdens.

  5. Can someone please tell me what is that in his bellybutton? It look like something from inside is bursting out. Oh man I think he got an infection. But anyway I had a friend who tried to be straight, but the lying took his life away because he couldn’t deal with the fact that he was gay, but the thing is his parents always accepted him as a gay because they always knew when he was a little child. But then again he always hated gays and would describe us as faggots, so case close.

  6. Antoine Dodson used to be himself. He was funny. He was cute. He had a light in his eyes. Now he is a hot mushy stinking blubbery mess. Thats what happens wben you dont live the life God gave you. Two years from now…if he doesnt commit suicide…he will be back in the gay world and happy. He needs to get the fuck out of the South first. Alabama dont breed nothing but crazy closet queens.

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