I Met Him On Grindr and He Robbed Me

tumblr_mxh5qguTRc1qcrgoro1_500don’t front because if you ever saw whoever this is on a chat site,
like grindr or jack’d,
you would be at his crib with no drawz on.
“you ain’t got tah like craig.
you ain’t gotta lie.”friday.
the problem with chat sites is THAT could be what robs you.
sometimes going as far as murder.
an f-bi sent me a disturbing story (and a warning) that i had to share…

New updates on a Michigan murder is leaving three young men facing life in prison. The deceased, 71-year old David Maurer, before this week, was the only one who knew the truth. Now, police are slowly receiving confessions from the killers that will make your skin crawl.

The three assailants, 19-year old Richard Thompson, 20-year old Rikky Ranger, and 19-year old Mark Paling had concocted a plan to rob Maurer via Grindr. Ranger had met Maurer on the hookup app a couple times before, though he claimed they never had “sex or any sexual relations,according to reports. Paling stated that all three were homeless and needed money.

gay-man-killed-by-3-men-he-met-on-grindr-gayguys.com_After they had Ranger set up a meeting, Maurer met the three men in the parking lot of a gas station where they followed him back to his Ann Arbor apartment. The four men drank alcohol, smoked pot, and at a certain time in evening, Maurer started to get sexually active with Ranger and Paling. That’s when they both signaled for Thompson, who got Maurer into a “sleepover headlock,” holding him there while Paling stole a .22 caliber revolver from a safe, as well as Maurer’s wallet, marijuana, cash, prescription pills, watches, and laptop. The choke-hold lasted about five to ten minutes, making Maurer’s body go limp very quickly.

Before they left, however, Thompson kicked Maurer in the body several times and punched him in the face. It was then he fell face first into the couch with his feet on the ground in a kneeling position – this was how his body was found by the apartment manager nearly a week later.

Investigators tracked the three young men down via credit card transactions they had used for hotel rooms, gasoline, and food. This past Sunday, all three were arraigned on charges of open murder, unarmed robbery, conspiracy to commit anarmed robbery, larceny in a building and larceny of a firearm at the Wastenaw County Jail.

All remain in jail without bond, and if convicted, each of them face life in prison. They’re scheduled to be in court for a preliminary exam on December 26.

disdain.gif.pagespeed.ce.FKPpXqrNxDthere are so many things wrong with this story.
first of all they were homeless,
but able to have a cellphone with grindr on it?
sadly there a TON of jackals and hyenas who are broke,
but still on chat sites every looking for dick and a meal.
i call that “prostitution”.
i dunno what you call it.
they are all hideous,
but that’s what happens looking for meat at the 99 cent store.
i always notice that people are always enticed by drugs.
“i got smoke so you can through and chill”
typical hood nigga lowlife shit.
are we still on grindr/jack’d in our 70s?

i know the freak doesn’t end at any age,
but seriously?
this all screams,
“i thought they’d like me with money”.
for all that he could have paid an escort.
looking like this:
tumblr_mv9bntPcfX1rk54eco1_500 tumblr_mv9bntPcfX1rk54eco3_500…ready to be smutted out and keep your secrets at whatever the price.
this is why i stay my ass off those chat sites.
people too quick to let strangers in their homes they met an hour ago.
mmm mmm.
not me.
that was fun when couple years ago,
but the latest wave is “robbing a desperate homo”.
we gooooooooooooood out hea.

lowkey: is it crazy i fuck with wolves who have “something to lose”?
its safer that way and you have to build up trust.
i like my potentials to have a job and some goals.
possible a career in something.
ya know.
“he busy”.
raggas on the chat sites <<<<<< i can’t.

article found: here

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “I Met Him On Grindr and He Robbed Me”

  1. Wow!.

    You can blame it on the chat sites but you could just as easily meet someone at a club or bar and get robbed. My uncle got robbed on a date and it wasn’t until later he realized the woman set him up.

    These dudes are stupid as hell telling these fiends that have drugs on them knowing they’ll do anything for them.

    When you think about it killing/robbing someone you met online is stupid because the online trail will lead straight to you. The first thing police do is check phone records and computers.

  2. Remember you posted a story like this a few years ago to warn us about a dude on Adam4Adam that would pick you up in his car and then take your shit.The story from his victims went something like… he’d ask you to bring a laptop and some other shit and then when he showed up, he’d ask you to run in your place and get something, then when you’d go back in your place to get what he asked for, he’d drive off with all the tech you left in his car.The guy was a sexy ass chocolate dude.

    I think I remember a victim saying he actually drove with the chocolate dude all the way to his location and when they entered the sexy dude’s house, all his friends were waiting and basically jumped/bum-rushed the victim for his stuff.

    You are right about the being 70 and on chat sites.Where I live, there’s a man in his 60’s on these sites pretending to be 40.I hope I’m not desperately looking for dick when I’m 40 and up.I’ll have a friend that can help me with that.

  3. I am sorry, but this is kind of funny because not only the man who’s beyond old but should have known better because I thought age come with wisdom. But damn those dudes are ugly as hell!!! FYI I decide to not see the guy from Atlanta anymore because I am way too young for him and he needs somebody around his age. I was kind of sad, but reading this made me feel like I made the right choice.

  4. Damn I sort of laughed when I first saw this entry thinking it was going to be another dummy getting played but then shit turned serious real quick. Wow this story has so many wrongs from Pa-Pa still trying to get trade when he should have been leading bible study or Sunday School. From him being dumb enough to think that 3 dudes wanted to kick it with him and him not smelling a rat. Im a little shocked that he knew about Grindr and how it works, most old people I know at that age barely know how to work a cell phone, but I guess the thought of 24hr dick access will make you learn real quick. I have heard though not confirmed that its lots of old dudes in the hood who pay young trade when their social security checks come for a little fun. Its nothing sadder than aging when you are gay. Its so easy for these young dudes to play you and prey on you. Sadly this is going to be norm in the coming years when so many younger dudes who have no education, and no opportunities. You can already see that this world is turning into survival of the fittest. These dudes gave no thought that they have ruined their life for a little drugs and money, well they are going to get the chance to be preyed upon now.

    I have a friend who lives in Los Angeles and he told me that about 2AM some of the finest boys you would ever want to see be on Grindr ready to hook up, but the catch is they are looking for somewhere to spend the night and they are basically homeless and living with others. He says you can have your choice of the best wolves or foxes because they are looking for a bed for the night and you know its so many lonely desperate people who are wiling to accommodate them and then act shocked when they have things missing from their residence. I too remember that story of A4A dude and Im very cautious about who I let come to my house, because if they dont get you when they initially come, they can come back with reinforcements and clean you out when you are not home. If someone doesnt have a car and cant meet you at a Coffee shop, restaurant, mall etc you better leave them where they at because more than likely they are about game. Stories like this you should be a lesson to us all to stay safe.

  5. This is why I can’t with online dating. I know ol dude was 71, but he had no business dealing with young dudes. What nigga wants to take off a depend, or look at old wrinkly skin? Nobody wants to see that but a person who is also wearing depends and has wrinkly skin. I do not care if I get into an accident and I end up looking like Rocky, I will never do online dating. Y’all can have that.

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