Any Other Thot Sucked Dwyane Wade’s Pipe in Atlanta?

dwyanewadedicksuckhow inappropriate!!!
even tho i tinkled myself from laughing.
you gotta watch out for these unfiltered thots.
they will do anything to ruin “the moment”.
such as the one you see here.
like what possess a human to say some shit like that out loud?
god i love the lower class.
anyway i’m sure dwyane wade said to himself:

“um a bunch of people sucked my dick in atlanta.
some with my teammates.

which one were you?”

heatlowkey: already starting out messy.
the ( x thot ) is kinda pretty tho.
too bad all she got was some nut and cherished memories.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

12 thoughts on “Any Other Thot Sucked Dwyane Wade’s Pipe in Atlanta?”

  1. It sounds like it happened once, if at all, which means that it probably wasn’t good. Hell no he doesn’t remember. That was not a good look for this hyena.

  2. LMAO…D Wade is a nice looking dude, but he rubs me the wrong way man and seems really shady to me.

    If your man does not respect you that ring don’t mean a damn thing. It means you are better than all the hoes and nothing more.

      1. Dwade is a BIG cheater. He’s doing a lot worse than getting head in Atlanta. He’s hiding a big secret. And soon Gabby will find out what it’s like to be publicly embarrassed like they did his ex wife.

  3. She could’ve at least given us deets about the peen…(shape, size, length, thickness, taste…) Damn whores… 🙄

  4. It’s not clear whether the person making the comment about sucking his dick is a man or a woman. It’s not clear whether the allegation is true. It’s not clear when the alleged dick sucking took place. Was it 2 days ago? Two years ago? 20 years ago? When? Is it expected that he should hold his dick for sucking by his wife to be and his wife to be only? How about his former wife? In any case, to make such a comment–whether true or not and whether the alleged dick sucking took place last night or last century was inappropriate and uncalled for.

    1. Definitely a chick (with 22,000 followers). She was a “Celebrity Closet Stylist” and she’s half-naked in her profile photo. Her instagram was deleted though, so I got that info from Google cache.

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