When Your Pussy Can’t Get You A Baller Wolf To Round Trip You Home

let’s have a life conversation real quick.
everyone meet ( x realnoelbianca ) up above.
she is a ig attentionista.
her role model is kim kardashian.
say no more.
so she went out to oregon on a one way ticket to allegedly fuck…
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That Hoe Ova There


tumblr_n1693m3qB31rvxk04o1_500i’m not perfect.
if you would asked me a week ago:
“would you mess with a wolf who happened to be married?”
….more than likely i would have said “yes”.
sure judge me all you want,
but i can admit to my inner ratchet hoe.
i have been in situations where ive had to make a moral decisions with wolves.
sadly i lost.
god was working on me.
i did have some good times tho.
don’t look at me like that.
anyway so right…
liar liar,
who i really should rename thotalina,
reminded me today why making a moral decision actually is the better one…
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Colin Kaepernick Stars In “A Thot To Remember”

COLINKmy poor colin.
my poor poor simple colin.
i’m sure he is trying to forget his situation of “when a thot calls” last year.

this issue colin is having with his thot pocket i’m sure has left a bad taste in his mouth.
according to cbs sports,
so has the 49ers
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Colin Kaepernick Learned These Thots Ain’t Loyal

Screen Shot 2014-04-10 at 7.14.36 PMcolin kaepernick got caught up today.
a vixen accused him,
and two of his baller wolf pack,
of sexual assault today stemming from a april 1st incident.
oh boy…
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Any Other Thot Sucked Dwyane Wade’s Pipe in Atlanta?

dwyanewadedicksuckhow inappropriate!!!
even tho i tinkled myself from laughing.
you gotta watch out for these unfiltered thots.
they will do anything to ruin “the moment”.
such as the one you see here.
like what possess a human to say some shit like that out loud?
god i love the lower class.
anyway i’m sure dwyane wade said to himself:

“um a bunch of people sucked my dick in atlanta.
some with my teammates.

which one were you?”

heatlowkey: already starting out messy.
the ( x thot ) is kinda pretty tho.
too bad all she got was some nut and cherished memories.

Did J Cole Get Caught With His Pipe In Thot Cookie Jar?

tumblr_mt8a6adxPy1swsf8eo1_500these new thots just don’t know to play the game,
don’t they?
they get some fresh pipe from someone in the industry and what they do?
go cash in their fresh 15 minutes online.
well the new thottie is a young jackal named briaaaaaal from vegas.

Screen Shot 2013-12-14 at 11.07.44 PMclassy chick.
well she got some of that alleged j cole dick.
she wanted us to play guessing games.

Screen Shot 2013-12-14 at 10.56.35 PMdoes it look like him?…
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