Did J Cole Get Caught With His Pipe In Thot Cookie Jar?

tumblr_mt8a6adxPy1swsf8eo1_500these new thots just don’t know to play the game,
don’t they?
they get some fresh pipe from someone in the industry and what they do?
go cash in their fresh 15 minutes online.
well the new thottie is a young jackal named briaaaaaal from vegas.

Screen Shot 2013-12-14 at 11.07.44 PMclassy chick.
well she got some of that alleged j cole dick.
she wanted us to play guessing games.

Screen Shot 2013-12-14 at 10.56.35 PMdoes it look like him?…

j-cole-nominationalleged hands all up on her thigh.
didn’t he just get engaged too?

well judging from the pics,
it kinda does look like him.
jeans hanging off that donk and everything.
so much so,
this pic was from a recent performance of jermaine:

iejde8one can only guess if he went exploring in the cavern of thot mountain,
but it does give j cole a nice little bit of pr.
i know one thing,
this chick needs to drop the j cole DR and cut the shenanigans.
did he break that back or what thot!?

lowkey: well j cole did say on his last album he was a cheater.
i will need him to pick better hoes for 2014 tho.
congrats on the engagement!

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check her: IG

9 thoughts on “Did J Cole Get Caught With His Pipe In Thot Cookie Jar?

  1. I love J Cole man, and I feel like I should be getting some of that lol. Love that dude. If this is true, I am disappointed due to the fact that this would mean he is very sloppy. There are ways to avoid situations like this.

    Do you think Jay Z will be ever caught cheating on Bey? No.
    Do you think LeBron will ever be caught cheating on Savannah? No.
    Do you think our veteran Jamie Foxx would ever be caught smashing another dude? No.

    I have mentioned this before, but when celebs creep they strip people of their electronics. This is not a joke. It does happen, and anyone who doesn’t think so is stupid. Not all of them do it, but a majority of them do. They do it because they know what us regular folks are capable of.

    For example, if Trey Songz came to my place for some pipe, I would definitely record the encounter. I mean come on, I would be a fool not to right? The day after, I would call niggas over and we watch that shit on the big screen. I wouldn’t be handing out copies or nothing to protect him of course, but I damn sure would show it to other down niggas lol. If he came back for more, I would record him again and again until I am tired lol. Might as well admit it. My fellow Wolves know they would do the same lol. We gonna get that on tape, period.

    1. Lol.. I like the way you think Man. I would do the same thing only I wouldn’t show anyone, I’d just get off to it over and over and over..

  2. so sad she actually put the screen shot from media take out on he IG like its something to be proud of. This is what we’ve come to now?

    1. ^you can tell she is young.
      her and her legion of thots are excited over being on mto.
      that is NOT a huge accomplishment.
      what ever happened to fucking j cole so good,
      he gets hypnotized and he starts paying a bill?
      one night of pipe is a day or two of hype.

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