Everyone Meet Antoine Dodson Alleged Baby Mama

Oxygen Network's "All About Aubrey" Series Premiere Partyi have been wanting to see antoine dodson’s baby mama.
i’m curious as to what this sucker attention whore blind woman vixen looks like.
well a f-bi sent me her picture and well…
OKWHATOKjust as i expected.
her friend in the red dress is cute.
oh wait.
the one in the red dress IS the baby mama.




… well i hope the baby is healthy!

Author: jamari fox

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12 thoughts on “Everyone Meet Antoine Dodson Alleged Baby Mama”

    1. I guess that pic is old from when he was still “Gay” Bless her heart

      OFF TOPIC Did you hear about the ex NFL player who committed suicide Ex Charger Paul Oliver age 29.RIP

  1. Something in the milk…isn’t clean.

    Cults are something else. Got this unambiguously gay man swearing up and down that he is straight.


    Antoine Dodson got Cassie pregnant.


    Clearly she has private loans, can’t think of any other reason to do this.

    Why is your future baby father’s Louis Vuitton purse bigger than your own Bootleg Cassie?

    Lawd ham mercy.

    Hopefully this is a fake.

  2. Grandma’s hands didnt pray for this. The Louis V bag, the Kitsy Lane jewelry, the braids. Jesus be some testosterone, a polo, some timbs, and a low cut fade. That’s a pussy hound right there yall and U.O.E.N.O

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