Paul George Now Smells Like Money Straps and Fresh Coochie

tumblr_mtnhh6HjdD1sug5bdo1_500baller wolf paul george is what you call paid.
he just signed a longer term contract with the pacers today.
how much?
*whispers* 90 million dollars.
faint for him…

Indiana Pacers All-Star forward Paul George knew keeping a “poker face” would benefit him in his contract negotiations … but he couldn’t.

“My heart was really here and I couldn’t see myself anywhere else,” he said Wednesday during a news conference at Bankers Life Fieldhouse announcing a multi-year contract extension. Terms of the contract were not released.

George is eligible for a five-year contract that will pay him approximately $80 million to $90 million, according to the NBA’s collective bargaining agreement. If he is named to one of the league’s three All-NBA teams at the end of next season, he would be eligible for more than $90 million. If not, he could make almost $80 million.

giphyso paul…
can i borrow twenty dollars?
maybe even this months rent?
ask and you shall receive.
this is big news.
he is pretty much set for his entire life.
i’m not even mad.
wait… you hear that?
i heard it.
its the bell of hope clanging.
every hoe has started ovulating all at once.
they gonna get those 18 year checks.
it does help he is attractive too.
don’t be a victim paul!

article found: usa today

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “Paul George Now Smells Like Money Straps and Fresh Coochie”

      1. Evelyn took a lot of that money, and Antoine tried to take care of everyone. He also was a gambler. Mike Tyson is crazy.

  1. I’m proud of my man, y’all know I love him to death lol. As for the deal, I been keeping track on this for a minute, I was just waiting for it to be closed. I’m glad because he was going to be a free agent after next season, but he would have been restricted, so the Pacers could have matched any teams offer. Now the Lakers fans can stop blowing up his instagram talking about him going there. Those fans been thirsty as fuck ever since Kobe started aging lol.

    As for the groupies, they better put ice in their panties because they don’t stand a single chance. Not only is he smart, but he has a girlfriend already I do believe. He need to stop playin and come be with me tho. I can’t have kids, and I don’t want his money.

      1. I been riding with him since his rookie year. I’m done playing nice. *grabs timbs, vaseline, and straight edge razor* Y’all gone learn LMAO….

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