Antoine Dodson is Single and Also Catches Tyler Perry’s Eye


Screen Shot 2013-11-03 at 11.41.54 PMwell he put on his “wolf” costume really quick.
does it look like it fits?
well antoine dodson is officially on the market.
that’s right vixens!
he is single and ready to mingle.
anyway he just announced his break up yesterday on his facebook
Screen Shot 2013-11-03 at 11.30.43 PM

well all is not lost for antoine.
tyler perry happened to appreciate his new found straightness by casting him in his new movie:

During a recent interview with the Internet sensation via Skype, Dodson revealed to HipHollywood that he will be starring in the director’s upcoming holiday film. “I did the Madea’s Christmas with Tyler Perry and that’s coming out December 13, so I’ve been working, putting in work,” Dodson said.

“It’s so crazy, he’s serious about his work,” the Internet star said when asked what it was like working with Perry. “I love being around him and the cast. Everybody was so great. They treated me like I’ve been doing this for years,” he shared.

Dodson instantly became a YouTube sensation after he colorfully warned his neighbors back in 2010 to hide their kids and wives from a local rapist.

“I just can not believe all this happened and accumulated off of one interview. It wasn’t even meant to be put on Youtube and stuff like that … People in the community never thought I would be alerting people world wide and everybody else around the world was like ‘yeah, I’m having those problems too.’”

i guess he still in character.
…but he gets some chick pregnant,
dumps her,
and then runs off to hollywood to become a “serious” actor?

tumblr_mqsqlm23bA1sqjvzdo1_500yup sounds like a typical straight wolf to me.
here is the trailer from tyler perry’s “a madea christmas”:

…out december 13th.

facebook status: here
article: here

Author: jamari fox

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6 thoughts on “Antoine Dodson is Single and Also Catches Tyler Perry’s Eye”

  1. “he” Definitely won’t catch TP eye doesn’t meet the requirements for a private visit to his condo above the Loews Hotel in Atlanta.

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